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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Well, I had to! Ellie's released my slightly left-of-center electronic pop album of the year, Marina's released my brash and bold "big pop album" of the year, and Ke$ha will probably release my mainstream pop album of the year. These things have to be sorted.
  2. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Clockworknovak's priorities are thoroughly in order.
  3. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    It sounds like a very, very promising album. Ke$ha yet again has delivered the goods. I'm not gonna lie, but the rockier stuff doesn't really excite me in the same way as the Dr. Luke stuff does, but regardless, this is going to be a great album.
  4. RJF


    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Am I the only one underwhelmed?
  5. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Of course you are.
  6. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    At the risk of a thousand posts screaming "what else is new!", I don't care for it so far.
  7. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Liking the sound of everything far but I don't know how anyone can be whelmed in any direction considering there are no choruses on any of these and no lyrics whatsoever on a few.
  8. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Really liking the sound of this. Wish we had some choruses as snippets but we'll hear the full thing soon anyway.
  9. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    If this doesn't leak in the next 48 hours I'm sure the iTunes clips will be up very soon.
  10. jigglemypuff

    jigglemypuff Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    The snippets are all perfect. I need this to leak right now.
  11. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Oh my God, Iggy Pop! Past Lives and Supernatural sound lovely.
  12. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Out Alive sounds alive.

    EDIT: I meant to say amazing...
  13. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    My album of 2012 easily by the sounds of it, beating Born To Die, MDNA and Electra Heart which have been my top 3

    Love Into The Light sounds inclredible
    Gold Trans Am does indeed make me want to have sex in my car

    Dont know what i think of the new version of Only Wanna Dance With You, im so used to the old lyrics, sounds very The Wombats esque
    Out Alive reminds me of Elephant so much
    Why did she release the two most generic songs as the singles?
  14. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    'C'mon' isn't a single, innit.
  15. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Are the snippets 30 seconds or have longer ones appeared as well?
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    SHE'S SO CUTE. That's all.

  17. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Until she sorts out her awful, awful visuals, performances and general persona she will remain a terrible pop star, but some of these songs do sound brilliant.
  18. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Sounds great. Wherever You Are, Crazy Kids and Supernatural seem to be my favourites so far. Love Into The Light sounds like it has a lot of potential thoughl.
  19. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    What general persona are you referring to? The one prone to random-but-hysterical name dropping of post-modernist scholars? The one with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor? The one that actively communicates with fans and even featured one of our forum's members on their joke blog?

    I would like to keep that Ke$ha, in all honesty.
  20. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Ke$ha is the best mainstream popstar out there. No shit. She's a talented singer/songwriter when you get down to business, and she's hyper-intelligent. You can just tell.
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