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Keke Palmer - Wind Up (ft Quavo)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Enemiez is still her best though. That's a fucking hit if ever I heard one.
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  3. Hands Free is all I wanted from Riri with her last album but thank the Lord for Keke.
  4. Hands Free is that massive bop I keep replaying since the weekend, just the perfect song I needed after being heartbroken.
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  5. Hands Free really is a godsend. It's just so horny!

    It’s obviously not the first tropical bop I’ve loved from a new female artist this year, but it must be the first time I haven’t thought, “Hmm, maybe Rihanna should have taken this.” Keke’s voice is perfect for it. I wouldn't change a thing.
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  6. "Hands Free" is phenomenal.

    Also she got some Wendy promo:

  7. Keke's been serving Actual Popstar lqqks, which I'm totally here for:

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  8. Go AWFFFFF Keke.

    All she needs now is a hit (or ten).
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  9. First one is giving me me in 1995 having just bought a Gaultier tee shirt with just the logo and wearing it everywhere for 6 months straight.
  10. Did you have pierced nipples to match back then?
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  11. My two favourite girls 'feuding'. That's so 2016.
  12. I still get my life to Hands Free on the daily, I send it to everyone in hopes they start realizing its brilliance.
  13. When Queen likes to cum four, fives times back to back one by one

  14. Keke is such a queen. I don't know how to put it into words properly.
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  15. She's basically Unapologetic Rihanna.
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  16. And isn't it always time for some more unapologetic?
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  17. I'm so happy Enemiez wasn't just a one off bop. Can she please blow up in 2017.
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  18. All of those looks are serving me "oh let me just head to the 1998 VMA's real quick" realness.
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  19. Fuck him up Keke.


    Summary: for Trey Songz video Pick Up The Phone, unapproved footage of Keke at a party was shown over the line "I palm her p*ssy like Keke, like Keke, like Keke." Keke is understandably fucking furious.

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  20. Cringe at "casing point" though..
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