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Keke Palmer - Wind Up (ft Quavo)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. I want a new single that's like this:

    Is there a name for the EP yet?
    It’s titled Lauren, and it will be released at the beginning of October. Sean Garrett [who’s worked with Beyoncé, Mario, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige] produced it. He really helped me epitomise this chapter of my life in my own voice.
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  2. I'm loving Lauren! Feels very mixtape-y, as opposed to the pop sheen of Enemiez. Apparently there's visuals for everything here but I haven't investigated much past Spotify.
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  3. Lauren is a great piece of work.
    I wasn't expecting something so "hood" - I figured her sound would be more pop, but there isn't a single song on this I don't at least like.
    "Got Me Fucked Up" and "Jealous" are the jams.

    Thumbs up on this one.
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  4. I'll get to the EP tomorrow but, No Enemiez still remains that. bop.
  5. Same/same.
  6. This is so unexpectedly good! Reminds me of when Lil Mama dropped the Sausage video. Who would've known?
  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Go on and do lil' mama like you want to
    Ooh I can't resist the way you want me
    And baby you play me like a banjo
    Let me return the favour do it hands free

    *where a gif should be but I probably shouldn't cause I'm a mod*

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  8. I wish it sounded more commercial... Very "hood" for me.

    I wanted something like this masterpiece. Brandy vibes!
  9. No Enemiez has been one of my favourite bops of 2016 (easily top 5 or even 3), but I totally forgot she was releasing an EP. I'll have to get it out.
  10. Okay so Lauren is basically 5 ultra boppy R&B jams and I need a full album SOON. She has absolutely zero chill though.

    You basically got this with Hands Free.
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  11. It's really good, but the whole affair feels very Rihanna circa 2012 if she had no budget.

  12. I just pressed play!
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  14. Hands Free is talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopper, etc., but Doubtful is also hitting me really hard. The detached nature of the song works so well. Hopefully she keeps on releasing music as I could see her becoming one of those artists who you can always rely on for solid R&B music. She's already off to a great start with I Don't Belong to You, Enemiez and this EP.
  15. I listen to this on repeat. So good.
  16. You wanna pop up my leg once?
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  17. All he kept sayin he wanna pop up my leg once

    Jealous is #2 though.
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  18. Is this on Spotify?

    Great little collection... Hands Free is such a strong ending.

    I love that she doesn't give a fuck about her involvement in cartoon voice overs when it comes to her music, feels very natural.
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