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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Keke Palmer - "I Don't Belong to You" first single out Oct 1st.

    Getting R8 vibes from this. She's slaying on Scream Queens too.
    Maybe her big pop girl era is upon us etc.
  2. YAS. I fucking love her so much.

    Let us not forget this actual masterpiece.
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  3. Bop! I only knew Power Bottoms Up.
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  4. Ooh really like the sound of this, I've always checked for her and liked her previous stuff, Some demos/leaks have been bops. She was great in the TLC movie too.
  5. The only thing I know about her music career is this single artwork:

    Still makes me laugh.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The real bop!
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  7. Popjustice squad self-empowerment anthem.

  8. Nice inspirational jam.
  9. Wow, nice snippet, I love it.

    She sang a couple songs on Degrassi when she was in a couple episodes. I like them quite a bit.

  10. I live for Keke Palmer. Excited for this! Be that new triple threat we need!
  11. Y*S!. I used to love a couple of her songs a long ass time ago and I always thought she had potential to be a huge pop star. I'm glad she's still trying.
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  12. Does the world really need more alt-female R&B when Tinashjesus's rapture is impending?
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  13. She won't be alt-female R&B?
  14. This post literally makes me laugh haha.
  15. I really want to like her, but her music is a poor man's Raven Symoné at best.
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  16. That self titled from Raven is AMAZING. In Your Skin, Love Me or Leave Me, That Girl... jams for days.
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  17. Poor man's Raven is all I want out of life!
  18. Okay, so whatever happened to this single?
  19. The snippet sounds so good!
    Will this be released?
  20. ... You cursed it.
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