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Keke Palmer

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. New song Wind Up featuring Quavo is out tonight. It's a BOP.
  2. Come through Kween Kekepatra.
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  3. This sounds... Korean.

    I like it.
  4. Bop. Keke.
  5. A Nicki castoff. But still bopping.
  6. It's NO Hands Free.
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  7. It does sound Korean, she/it basically sounds like Hyuna.

    It's definitely no 'Hands Free'. I'm going to pass on this.
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  8. Let's not pretend that if you heard this in the club you wouldn't pound your puss on the nearest available surface like you were playing musical chairs.

    Yeah it's not as good as Hands Free, but honestly not much is.
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  9. For all intensive purposes, I can't understand her remaining friends with someone who rapped such a line as "I palm her pussy like Keke".
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  10. Keke could be so BIG, but to do so I think she should be working with Timbaland or Darkchild. She prefers to go her own way...
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  11. I love it. She's doing very well.
  12. Wind Up does sound like a kpop song and a bit of a racket too. I still ride for Keke but I'll pass on this one.
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  13. Why did that video look like an All That performance?
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  14. She's a triple threat, but the song is corny af.
  15. Yeah she has star quality absolutely oozing out of her, but this song is a definite step back from the Lauren EP. Hands Free remains absolute perfection though.
  16. A year after Lauren, it looks like Keke’s returning to scalp us. A post from her associate choreographer:
  17. I haven't been keeping up with her because I had to unfollow her on Instagram. She overuses it beyond belief to the point where she was like... a quarter of my feed sometimes.
  18. "Hands Free" would have been a fourteen week #1 hit if Rihanna sang it.
  19. Same. She got unfollowed SO fast. I keep up with her through her less like thirsty associates.
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