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Keke Palmer

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. She looks great as always.

    Not sure about the song. A bit of a step backwards, no?

    Then again, it's agreeably less hectic than "Wind Up", which is good.
  2. Is she still signed? I wanna stream Pregame.
  3. I loved her EP and it still knocks, but after that she didnt release any good song and became so damn annoying I had to unfollow her. Keke even lost her fashion sense, she used to dress GOOD when the YASSSGAGA guy styled her back in 2016, but this last year was a MESS for her.
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  4. It's curious she is on Star now trying to revamp the show!

    I unfollowed her. And her music. But she has so much potential! It's a pity.
  5. She's the definition of amazing girlband member who slowly becomes everyone's fave and eventually goes solo.
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  6. But she was never a girlband member, was she?
  7. That’s my point. She would’ve been better in a girl and to establish her and then pull a Camilla (who in my opinion she is much much more talented than).
  8. Her “band” was here TV years sis. It just didn’t happen for her.
  9. I wished she stayed in her Rodney Jerkins era forever... She could have been the new Brandy.


  10. This seem a show about escorts. Hahahaha!
  11. No it’s not STAR is actually a very good/underrated show tbh . But anyways Bossy is a bop and Keke was serving in that clip really hope she pushes it properly as a single !
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  12. I've bingewatched the first season of STAR and it's a very bad show. The lead character is unbearable... but I'll keep watching and see when Keke appears, she can join the group since she has ego issues too. Hahaha.

    Maybe being in this TV show can give her some exposure to work with better producers and make better music.
  13. The second season of Star is MUCH better than the first season although I like the first season personally as well .The music is much better in the second season as well
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  14. If you’re referring to the “Star” character ... you know she’s responsible for several 5H bops right?
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  15. First of all, I'm sorry we turn the Keke Palmer topic into the Star one when we already have one. Hehehe.

    I know, but she is odious. Jude Demorest won't ever move away from this role... I think it will typecast her forever.

    I'll keep watching. The show is terrible for me, but I watch it for the music and the performances. They are good singers and dancers, but there's too much drama involved.
  16. RMK


    nn why is this extremely basic bop back in my head.
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  17. Because it isn’t basic at all. It went hard.
  18. That and Hands Free: BOPS
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