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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. I have been listening to "Hand Free" and I think it's a good song. I'm not sure I want to buy the EP yet.

    RIhanna latest songs aren't my cup of tea, Tinashe is having a lot of problems to release her second album, and Keke seems to be following their path a little. I don't know... I want something more Brandy.

    It's interesting at least.
  2. "Hands Free" is a bop and I quite liked the video, but wow, those costumes were so budget. The red camo set that she wore at the end of the video was a look though.
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  3. I literally can't stop with this EP.

    Is the EP just to tide us over til the album? I'm mainly curious about Enemiez (which for the record is THAT bop) and if it's supposed to have a parent album? Obviously the single is nothing like the EP so I don't know if there's been an artistic switch up or if this EP is more of a side project to what's coming.
  4. This is a great EP.

    Excited for whats coming for her, if she keeps up landing acting roles and releasing good music like this shes well on her way.
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  5. I'm perched for the @Vasilios meet & greet pic, teebs.
  6. Anyone else think the Henessy part is about erm golden showers.
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  7. This entire visual EP is the definition of "budget". But I appreciate that she tried, "Hands Free" is a bop. I also liked her outfit in the first song.
  8. This EP is fire, she sounds so fierce.

    Jealousy is my favorite song next to Enemy now . Keke is totally my girl since I Don't Belong To You.
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  9. Which part of the song, dirty mind @Vasilios? Hahaha!
  10. You're onto something. It's always tasted like piss to me.
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  11. Hands Free is a fucking BOP. Come thru KeKii!
  12. There's a movie that has videos for all songs.
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  13. I'm embarrassed that I only just discovered Enemiez. Forgive me hunties.
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  14. HOW. I spammed so much.
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  15. Sorry babe. I've had you on my ignore list for 6 months.
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  16. Well my revenge is you missing out on Slaynemiesz
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  17. Hands Free is a bop too.
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  18. THE bop.
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  19. Hands Free is so good.
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