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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Lame, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. Been rediscovering Kele’s album -‘Everybody’s Somebody’ … such a brilliant UK R’N’B album, real shame her career didn’t get the push it deserved as she had so much potential. I know she is still a huge garage star… but I would have loved to have seen what she could have achieved on a larger platform.

    She tore this performance up!

    British black female singers really have been fucked over by the record industry haven’t they?!
  2. Wow. Kele Le Roc - My Love (Paul Masterson Club Mix) playing in the main room in the Nightingale was euphoric. What a song to soundtrack bursting onto the scene in 1999!
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  3. She deserved to be one of the biggest popstars this country ever produced. The lack of support was - and still is - scandalous.
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  4. It is odd that she was dropped after 2 top 10 singles. OK the album didn't do well immediately but you'd have thought she was worth giving another shot.

    She performed "The Rest of My Life" and "You Did It Good" on CDUK and Ian Wright's show so maybe one of those would've been third single. I've only ever skimmed through the album so not sure whether there were any potential hits on there?
  5. Yeah it’s so weird there wasn’t a third single - I remember there being a big buzz around ‘You did it good’ at the time - I always thought ‘Love’ had potential… ‘Rest of my Life’ was a safe bet though.

    She was signed to a First Avenue Management just before everything started to get messy for them - so maybe that had partly to do with it. I think I heard an interview saying she recorded more tracks in LA after being dropped by her record label, but they never saw the light of day. She then went independent, when independent wasn’t really a thing … hence what happened. She is still performing and seems happy enough - but I reckon she could have been really huge.
  6. The album is pretty terrible but my self-compiled EP is one of my most-played…

    1) My Love (Ignorants Remix)
    2) Little Bit Of Lovin’ (Tuff Jam Remix)
    3) You Did It Good (Masters At Work Remix)
    4) Love (Album Version)
    5) My Love (10 Degrees Below Remix)

    Obviously Romeo with Basement Jaxx and Things We Do with Sticky and Maria with Damage are other highlights…
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  7. I loved the two singles and some of the My Love remixes were great too. I thought she was going to be big but I thought the album wasn’t great personally. It seemed almost all filler to me. ‘Just Think About You’ is the only other track I remember liking.
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    She did an podcast interview recently and partially blamed the album cover for the album's underperformance since the public wouldn't be able to recognize her.

    But yes, her and Shola Ama deserved much better and expansive careers.
  10. You'd think having "Kele Le Roc" across the album in colourful lettering would have given the public a clue, eh?

    Always thought they were a bit late in releasing "My Love". I seem to remember it came out four months after the first? I thought they missed a trick not having it out by valentine's Day.
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    Ffff I just found out Wild Orchid covered Little Bit of Lovin' for their unreleased Fire album. I-

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  12. Island

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    Was she the last of the First Avenue Management girls to release an album before it folded?
  13. The shock of me discovering their version first then hearing Kele's original. I do like the background harmonies on Wild Orchid version. Add Kele's vocals over it and man that would be magical
  14. I felt this too. It was iconic and pretty but didn't do a thing to help sales.
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