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Kelela – “Contact” + Raven (Feb 10)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Kelela Mizanekristos is an LA-based singer and Solange's former tourmate, who just released a mixtape called CUT 4 ME (8.3 and BNM from Pitchfork). The tracks are mostly very sparse, allowing Kelela's vocals to shine. In one interview she stated that she "would like to do Brandy but weirder".

    The mixtape is a free download from and is also up in full on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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  2. Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this. The tracks are sparse, like you said, but I guess too sparse for my liking. With the ones you posted along with 'Enemy' I was left waiting for that moment when the song kicks in; nothing quite grabbed my ear. It all just kinda flew by me.
  3. Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    'Bank Head' is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Very chilled out but still catchy. The mixtape is a bit hit and miss but I like what she's doing.
  4. Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    I just posted about her in the Random Pop thread yesterday, but none of the right people saw it before it disappeared.

    I'd liken her more to SZA or FKA Twigs, but I could see there being audience overlap with Solange fans too. My favorite tracks are "Guns & Synths," "Floor Show," "Do It Again," and "Cut 4 Me."
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    Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    I found her through Kingdom's last EP, where "Bank Head" was the clear standout, and I'd say it's my favourite on the mixtape as well.
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    Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    Obsessed with her. I think she did bv's for Solange this year, right? I love her stuff!
  7. Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    She definitely opened for Solange on tour earlier this year… "Go All Night" is the first single from Solange's new record label, too.

    I wonder why she didn't just call this a debut album and put it out on CDs. It's a good listen.
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  9. Re: Kelela — ‘CUT 4 ME’ (for fans of Solange, Jessy Lanza)

    Something's happening tomorrow, in collaboration with Arca and his boyfriend. Previous mix tape/album's out on triple vinyl and CD as well.
  10. My heart is beating fast. OMG OMG Is such a blessing to have a god-like producer like Arca around.
  11. I can't wait. 'Bank Head', 'Go All Night' and 'Something Else' are all impeccable.
  12. Do you think she decided to accelerate her timeline now that Future Brown's career is over?
  13. I'm stoked. Cut 4 Me was one of the best projects of '13.
  14. All 4 of them? That all have successful solo/group projects?
  15. I'm sure they'll all keep going and their friends in the fashion industry will give them a hook-up or two but why pretend the Future Brown project is in good health?

    The album is DOA (with the Red Bull Music Academy thing compounding the issue, and, crucially, making other music journalists angry at them) and, tactically, Kelela now has a chance to grab a bit more of the spotlight than she would have if those coveted promo spots were going to be given to glossy photographs of Fatima Al-Qadiri dressed up in Hood by Air's f/w 2015 collection.
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    ("HALLUCINOGEN EP out May 5th, 2015.")
  17. Mesmerizing. This is the type of sound Queen Janet Jackson needs for her comeback.
  18. It's fairly nice, but putting out an EP after all this time, and reissuing Cut4Me, screams "I've spent 2 years on my album and still haven't finished it properly".
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