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Kelis - Flesh Tone (album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, May 29, 2009.

  1. She and her publicist have both confirmed on their Twitters that the album is now ready.

    Her publicist:
    Confirmed producers:
    - The Crookers
    - David Guetta
    - Calvin Harris
    - Diplo
    - Will.I.Am
    - Boys Noize
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    Kelis is GOD.
  3. Re: Kelis - New album this year

    I'm unbearably excited for this!!!! Kelis is amazing, America doesn't get it (besides 'Milkshake')
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    Another twit from the publicist:

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    Oh and apparently she may have some distribution deal with Universal now.

    An exec from Universal:

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    Who the hell needs press releases or anything else when you have Twitter.
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    I absolutely love this woman, and I have no doubt that as soon as that baby is out it will be the nanny's care faster than you can say "Bitch, I've got a new album release!"

    Also since our last Kelis thread, she has filed for divorce with Nas, FYI.
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    And we all know how a divorce can make creative people release their best work. Still a bit sad though, they were really the most unconventional and coolest couple in Pop.

    I just can't wait, those two low quality clips we've heard sounded fantastic.
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    I was going to say, I hope she channels it into her ~art~, something good out of something bad, etc.

    And the clips sounded so good. I dunno if this make sense but it sounded very "Kelis in 2009," seems like the natural direction for her to go in next, quite experimental or whatever.
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    Yay! New album. Hopefully, this one doesent flop like all her other ones, and put the nail in her "career's" coffin. Seriously...Kelis? The only time people cared was with Milkshake, and it ended there. NOBODY (outside of PJ) is anticipating this album. LAUGH OUT LOUUUD.
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    ...And just for fun, lets take a look at her almost 10-year "legacy":

    One number 3 single, with "Milkshake", and a number 16 single with "Bossy" after almost 2 years of flops. After "Bossy" three more "singles" that didnt even chart. Sad, Kelis. Very sad.
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    Her albums are all amazing. Kelis Was Here is in my top 5 of all time. The new clips sounded AMAZING. I can't wait for this either.
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    Haha Yes, your top 5, but not anywhere near the top 5 on the charts.
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    This is Kelis when she finds out another one of her singles has bombed:

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    She's done a bit better in the UK: Caught Out There, Milkshake, Trick Me, Millionaire and Little Star all made top 5 while Good Stuff, Young Fresh N New, In Public and Bossy all made Top 40. And then she had hits with others as a featured artist - Enrique Iglesias, Richard X, Ole Dirty Bastard.

    I'm ready for a new Kelis album. Kelis Was Here was good in parts but way too long - 19 or so tracks is too much. I do love Fuck Them Bitches though - I loved it from the name alone.
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    None of your posts were very funny, and none of them seemed to have a point. The US has never warmed to her, but she's had more success in Europe. Regardless, what does it matter how popular she is or how many people are anticipating the album? PopJustice covers quite a few low-profile artists. It's more about how good they are.

    I'm excited. Hopefully there's a bit of filtering though - Kelis Was Here was way too long.
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    Okay, first off who said I was trying to be funny? So shut the hell up. Plus, if it's about how good she is...then in that case she STILL sucks. She cant sing, cant dance, her music is mediocre.. what else? Exactley, just shut up.
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    You really don't understand anything about her so you better shut your mouth and stop shit-talking an artist of her calibre...
  19. Re: Kelis - New Album Discussion


    Kelis seriously knows how to throwdown (see: Fuck Them Bitches).
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    Kelis is 10x the artist than the Beyonce's and Rihanna's are... I like their music and all, just saying.

    I seriously cannot wait for this album now! I heard two clips of Diplo tracks that Kelis played for a radio station and they sound like everything they should sound like.
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