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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ILOVERICCI, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Well we have a topic for fleshtones and 4th of july. but i wanted to make a forum for just general talk of kelis. i have all her albums and there are some real gems on all of them. whats everyones favourite kelis album tracks. etc. have any of you ever been to see her live? i caught her at GAY this year she was awesome!!

    Also from each era. there was alot of unreleased tracks, the spot, oasis etc. does anyone have a full list of all her unreleased stuff??
  2. I love Wanderland, I'm shocked it sold so poorly. And with only one single! I like the sci-fi/space theme in some of Kelis's songs, like "Mr U.F.O. Man", "Trilogy", et al.
  3. Tasty is one of my favourite albums of all time.
  4. I think i actually prefer wanderland overall as an album then tasty. tasty has some amazing singles/songs on. but i think wanderlad is such a cool album that works well as an overall full album.
  5. Whilst she had some cracking songs like "Milkshake", "Lil Star", "Millionaire" and "Caught Out There" I just think "Flesh Tone" is her best work. It's beautiful dance music and it is dance music lets not fool ourselves but it's different to the dance music you hear out there now, it's more pure and free.

    I'm currently addicted to "4th Of July (Fireworks) (Radio Edit)" because whilst the original "4th Of July (Fireworks)" is just beautiful I feel the radio edit packs a bigger punch.
  6. Merzbeef

    Merzbeef Guest

    Flesh Tone is nice and forgettable, a cheesy piece of house-heavy dated dance-pop to listen to for nostalgic value.

    That being said...

    Her music was digustingly bad back then, boring and uninspired hip-hop-lite R&B junk. It lacked any originality from the very beginning, even if in Wanderland she tried to be superficially deep. Rihanna is trying to jack Kelis' imagery right now, though (with a heavy dosage of Grace Jones) -- makes sense in the awake of braindead, imagery-based artsy-top40-pop to rip off someone who tried (with little effect) to be 'the quirky one' in the bland, sterile, stale land of female R&B.

    I never listened to Kelis Was Here. I was put off by the vomit-inducing cover art -- it was clearly her puppet moment. I am glad I didn't listen to it, now -- turns out it was another overstuffed tasteless Top-40 blend of hip-hop and dumb female R&B. Not her brightest move.
  7. Only if you have time-travelled from 2075 does that statement make any sense whatsoever

    Er, really? Caught Out There, Good Stuff, Young Fresh & New, Daddy, Milkshake, Keep It Down to name but a FEW were far from that. No-one is saying that she is any way original or inspiring, but she was hardly shit and has always put an individual twist on things

    Nas? Is that you? If you didn't *listen* to it, on what basis are you making your searing, insightful judgement that it was a tasteless blend of hip-hop and dumb female R&B? Oh, and what is the diference between dumb *male* and *female* R&B?

    I'm afraid I can't possibly take any opinion of yours remotely seriously. If you told me it was going to be sunny, I'd put my raincoat and galoshes on.
  8. Kelis is one of my favo artists. I love Tasty and Kelis Was Here. I haven't bought Flesh Tone yet but I will soon, and perhaps her first two albums.
  9. God, why did you even sign up to a message board called POPjustice, when it's obvious you hate everything associated with the genre.
  10. Because they're a failed pop star perhaps?
  11. I wish she'd grow back her fro.
  12. LTG


  13. She said 22nd Century is being considered for 3rd single.
  14. Really? That'd be interesting!
  15. I know it was a single (with a brilliant music video), but 'Get Along With You' from the 'Kaleidoscope' album is definitely one of my favourite Kelis songs, though '4th Of July' takes the crown for me.
  16. LJB


    Kelis Was Here wil always be my fave Kelis album.

    Circus. Trilogy. Living Proof. Till the Weels Fall Off. AMAZING. Kelis does mid-tempos perfectly.

    Where can I found interview where she said this?
  18. She said it on Perez Hilton's London party thing video. But she sad it was between 22 Century and another song but the video cuts out when she says what the other song is.

    I'm hoping for Brave!
  19. While Brave would be nice, I'm thinking it's between 22nd Century and Home (they both got relatively positive reaction when they first "leaked").
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