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Kelis - "Midnight Snacks" + 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. She just confirmed #newmusiccomingsoon

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  2. Thank god. I love her but Chef Kelis is not relevant to me when I can't enjoy what she's doing.
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  3. Uno


    Flesh Tone 2.0 please.
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  4. Ditto.
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  5. I'd be so up for more FOOD, to be honest.
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  6. Finagoddamnly. I'm so ready for new music from her.
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  7. Had a dream she'd died around 2 months ago, now every time I see her name I'm like "RI-oh wait it wasn't real". In the dream Tesco started stocking her cookbook too & then I saw it in Tesco the other week which really reinforced the dream.
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  8. Didn't like the last album but was pleasantly surprised by how well it did.
  9. Yes! I'm totally down for yet another reinvention. She won a lot of fans with FOOD, now I want her to alienate them just for fun.
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  10. Oh that's good news. I hope the new music is out this year.
  11. Queen of Comebacks.
  12. Does it really concern LP7 though?
  13. No more Rib Steaks please unless they're in the form of a meaty club banger.
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  14. Duet with Robyn please!
  15. thats so 2010.
  16. Extremely here for whichever direction she chooses - and I've come to trust with her that the more of a swerve it is, the better.
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  17. PLEASE!!!!!! Or at least that 90s-inspired album that was supposed to be coming along side FOOD.

    Flesh Tone is seriously one of the best electronic dance albums I've ever heard. It's a triumph! "Home" still gives me a goosebumps.
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  18. I will actually kill for a modern-twisted-Bossy a la Future kinda of album.
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  19. FOOD is her best album and i'm so excited omg

    i just wish she released that Distance album, at least on itunes...
  20. Chile...... Robyn on a song is never a bad idea. But I do agree that they should have done it sooner when they toured together.
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