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Kelis - "Midnight Snacks" + 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. I see you, donut emoji.
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  3. She's just confirmed on Instagram that she's shot a music video for the single and the album is coming. Single for 8th October.

    "I am doing music. I just shot a video, I'm very excited about that. So I have a song coming out very soon which means that an album is coming out also pretty soon."
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  4. I don’t see anything? Did she delete?
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    I love how straight to the point this is! I'm ready to stan a bitsy of course.
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  7. Her being so nonchalant is so iconic.
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  8. Holy shit!

    Ugh new Kelis is EXACTLY what I need.
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  9. Someone on Wikipedia posted that she said that the title of the album is Sound Mind.
  10. Well, 2021 is officially saved. Thanks Kelis.
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  11. And this on Wikipedia:

    "In October 2020, a biographical animated short about her life as a singer and chef was released on YouTube in which Kelis announced the upcoming release of Midnight Snacks, a new single."
  12. For those of you who wanted to see the isolated clip:

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  13. I didn’t expect this to blow up when I posted it. But that said, the director for Paper Magazine quoted it so I have a feeling she’s got a cover and the interview she was referring to in the clip was with them

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  14. I think the last time Kelis did a shoot for PAPER was.......2002? Really excited to see if she'll be on the cover
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  15. Island

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    Any hints on the direction she’s going with this album?
  16. The opposite of FOOD, preferably.
  17. Excited to see that she has finally worked on another album! Bring it on Kelis. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be good!
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  18. Kelis can go in any direction she wants because she doesn’t have a bad album
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    Food was so great. Don’t start.
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