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Kelis - "Midnight Snacks" + 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. The whole thing is a scream, but this is my personal favorite.
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  2. Nn I forgot about that letter. Underrated moment in her career that is most pleasing to me.
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  3. Watching her on IG live right now, and she confirmed that the single is still "Midnight Snacks" and that she's very excited about the new music.
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  4. I need to know what this sounds like.
  5. Sounds like the video might drop with the song, which is nice. She said that is also coming soon.
  6. I think she's my favourite interviewee ever. Stupidly witty, charming, and so intelligent.

    I rewatch all these a lot:

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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I love how during the Food era she updated her older songs to be part of the album's soundscape when performing live:

    Also, "Glow" is one of her most underrated songs.
  8. For me it's Marathon. What a song.
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  9. I hate the FOOD arrangement of “Acapella”, it was the only one of her Afropunk setlist I was left disappointed by.
  10. Good Stuff is that girl. Production job is sublime, the Neptunes killed it on that one. The bassline/guitar(?) that comes in during the chorus makes me c*m.
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  12. It’s 100% my joint favourite Kelis single along with 4th of July.

    My favourite video of hers too. David snapped.
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  13. Junior’s remix with her going off on the vocals was also great

  14. The whole release was flawless. UK got CD1 and CD2 (as was the norm back then and CD1 had the album version of Good Stuff along with the two full length remixes - Forces of Nature / Junior) and the video on the CD Rom and CD2 has the Good Stuff UK Single Edit, the edits of the two remixes and a set of postcards. It's one of the best CD single sets I own.



    I now notice it had amazing promo 12"s for the UK market too:



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  15. That has just reminded me I thought she was called Keus when she was new. Lolz.
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  16. Edu


    When people ask Kelis about what she has been doing since her album Food:
  18. I’m so ready.
  19. Wow, okay. Love the cover art.

    She's still one of the coolest girls in the game, maybe more now than ever. Running her own business, growing her own food, on her own farm, on her own land. That's power and freedom. And I find it really inspirational in a way. I'm cheering her on, big time.
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