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Kelis - "Midnight Snacks" + 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. I'm shaking you guys.
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  2. Ready for her to destroy me tbh
  3. The cover serving Tasty, disco funk, 90s Pacha compilations and 70s erotica in one fell swoop. Feed us mommy.
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  4. Ahh so nervous and excited
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This perfectly combining the Tasty and Food art aesthetics is.....mind of a mastermind levels. I can't wait!!!!
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  6. Yeah, the little nod to "Milkshake" with the cherry is almost nostalgic in a way.

    We have no idea how this is going to sound, right?
  7. The fact that she said ALBUM and not EP? We're eating good, girls.
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  8. We have no idea as usual. She hinted right after Food was released that she was thinking about releasing a dance record, but that was, like, 6-7 years ago now.
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  9. A raunchy, funky dance record would cause me to explode.
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  10. we know the release date?
  11. She said October 8th a while back!
  12. It's just as well she's always worth waiting for. Each gap between albums has been longer than the last! So glad we're not just getting an EP.
  13. I am so ready.

  14. Me to Kelis since 2003

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  15. Love the title "Midnight Snacks" continuing to play perfectly into her "Food" theme. Queen of building that brand, keeping us fed,...etc. Can't wait!

    Hello.. yes, I'd like to pre-order two of the business woman specials please?
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  16. Midnight Snacks gotta be about sex no? Or eating after sex.
    Her mind!
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  17. The cover is giving me Ohio Players vibes and I am feeling good about it!

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  18. The way this is most likely the exact reference
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  19. I’m envisioning something as organic as Food, with more of an overt nod to 70’s late-night disco. Lounge teas.
  20. So did a little digging, and it looks like this might be produced by The Fanatix, if the tags on this are any indication

    This could end up being straight up hip-hop, specifically UK style. They also do Afrobeat and dancehall. Still curious about the men in the photo she posted a couple months ago

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