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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ILOVERICCI, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Beyoncé did the right thing. Kelis didn’t want to be recognised on the track, she mainly didn’t want Pharrell profiting off of her for the shady deal he offered her in 1999. Removing the sample means Pharrell isn’t getting any residuals from the sample.
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    Though, the lalalas used after the vogue remix are kind of the same aren’t they? I’m wondering if it was all Pharrell wanting to get the credit even if Bey hadn’t intended to sample Milkshake.
  3. Kelis vocals are not on the Break My Soul remix, the sample in Energy was actually Kelis' voice.
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    Oh I thought both was Bey. They sound pretty close.
  5. I don’t know if it was her voice directly, since it was credited as an interpolation and not a sample, but it was very clearly inspired by her and does sound like her, intentionally so. I think the removal definitely acknowledges this as well, otherwise I don’t think Bey would have bothered taking it out. Not sure if the “lalala” in the new remix have anything to do with Kelis (as a sly dig or…), but if they did, they aren’t using the same melody, which was mainly why “Milkshake” had to be credited on “Energy”
  6. Kelis has a touch more rasp and transparency in her "la la". I'm 99% sure that was her voice (well-edited or midi sampled) on the original "Energy". (Beyoncé's voice at its core tends to have a more forward vocal placement.)

    One of the "la" parts on the "Break My Soul" mix is sort of a mutated spin on the opening part on the original's intro, just prior to the first verse. The more rhythmic and stacked "la la" part, to me, doesn't feel like a dig at Kelis like some have suggested. It just feels breezy and follows along with the "Vogue" bass line, and a logical extension of the first harmonized motif.

  7. Yeah, there was a lot of suggestion that the “lalala” in the remix was a dig, but I feel like the lyrics said all she wanted to say on the matter. Anything more than that is just mean spirited and goes against her own message on the track.
  8. What did Kelis say about Slave 4 U?
  9. Just that The Neptunes chased the money to get paid for writing and producing Britney hits when they could have been working with her instead… though we now know it was written for Janet and shopped around when she rejected it… she was obviously struggling to even get Wanderland released so I think it was lashing out at them ignoring her and instead cashing in on lucrative hits. Especially if, as suspected, The Neptunes were a songwriting trio up to that year…
  10. I didn’t even think the “lalala” in the intro related to the Kelis incident but I did think those lyrics were very close.

    redirect all that anger to me
    Give it to me
    I’m built for this

    If so, it’s such a powerful response but has a beefier context now.

    but then… if true, it gets weird when she names other Black Queens and excludes Kelis dddd.
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  11. “Milkshake” at #1 feels incredibly… reductive.

    Also “Feed Them” is cute but barely qualifies as a song, let alone one of Kelis’s best - particularly when the likes of “80’s Joint” and “Song for the Baby” are nowhere to be seen.
  12. Yeah, it’s not a great list nn
  13. Song For The Baby is her most undervalued song. It's pure joy, managing the considerable feat of expressing her love for her then-unborn child without ever descending into schmaltz.

    I assume Slave had an original version that was reworked for Britney; "all you people look at me like I'm a little girl" would hardly have made sense for a mid-30s Janet.
  14. They do get major points for including “Distance”, same goes for “Like You” and “Flashback”.

    But overall, a mess per usual ff
  15. "Like You" and "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" making an appearance does make me happy, though.
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  16. “Distance” not getting an official release still pisses me off. I wish we got that album.
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  17. What a weird list… I mean, her discography is so rich that we’d all have different Top 20s but… the absence of Suspended and a few of the inclusions make me feel like… he’s not even much of a fan, let alone a stan, is he? His choices (Jerk Ribs aside) from Food are simply not the best tracks from that album?
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Hearing "Song for the Baby" in a department store with my girls and being the only one in the store to recognize is one of my favorite memories 7 years later.
  19. Just dug out my Food LP and treated myself to a full listen. What an album. So underrated!
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