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Kelly Clarkson - 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. I kind of got around it today but that just me but what I have to say is that her vocal performance on this is extremely good. So warm and emotive. She really is absurdly gifted and this current who’s the best singer thing on Twitter with Adele is silly because why compare but the point that Kelly is still a bit underrated is one that stands. She is one of the very best we have. She deserves the world.

    I would also still kill to get a studio version of her Dancing Queen. What an epic cover.
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  2. According to her backup singer the album is going to be half produced by Jesse Shatkin and the other half by Jason.
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  3. Jesse’s history with her seems … spotty. Gave us Invincible and I Dare You, but also Meaning of Life and In the Blue.

    Jason is fine. It’s all just a bit boring and predictable. But then, the strength of this album will mostly be the lyrics, since she seems to have written most of it. So maybe it doesn’t matter as much this cycle.
  4. I was hoping we were getting pop rock Kelly again. Those producers make me think it will very much be Piece By Piece soccer mom music.

    I know I’m pessimistic when it comes to Kelly. I just wish she’d snap out of this… phase of her career. Happier Than Ever felt like a breath of fresh air because, ironically, it harkened back to a different time.
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  5. Nothing with Greg is disappointing if true.
  6. Yeah I wasn’t excited when I read his name but when I saw he did a lot on Meaning of Life I felt a little more optimistic. Jason doesn’t excite me either but when I think about it, he’s produced some great stuff for Kelly. So yeah, we’ll see.
  7. He gets critiqued a lot on this forum, but I’d argue he’s a producer who really ‘gets’ Kelly and her strengths as a songwriter and vocalist.
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  8. I want Kelly Babyface again and Bryan Michael Cox
  9. Jason produced the Kellyoke EP, including Happier Than ever, so I see no reason to think he can't help her make more pop rock songs if that's the genre she wants to explore.
  10. I would love to see her work with some other people but I'm good with Jesse and Jason, she's made great stuff with them. Jesse did most of Meaning of Life, Jason has done some great stuff with her (Nostalgic is still a favorite), they both did When Christmas Comes Around.
  11. Also Jason kinda turned it on Happier Than Ever, Queen of the Night and Fake Plastic Trees on the EP. I’m not mad.
  12. I forgot that Jason did that one. That gives me a bit more optimism. I just hate the waiting.
  13. I’ve always loved Cry from All I Ever Wanted that I believe Jason worked on too!
  14. Cry is immense, always felt like it was slept on as well.
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  15. YES! Finally. Looks like I've got my soundtrack for the night
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  16. She is back as a coach on The Voice next season - with Blake, Niall Horan and Chance The Rapper.
  18. Oh well. At least it’ll be a good promotional tool for the new album?

    I’m trying to find some silver lining.
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  19. I’d love her to work with entirely new people. I feel like she’s kinda done everything she needs to do with the current team / sound.
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  20. Blake is leaving the show and it sounds permanent à la Adam/Xtina.

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