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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. She just confirmed a new album is coming. Breakaway meets Stronger with a little bit of Meaning of Life.
  2. Let's hope she comes to Europe to tour it.
  3. Ah. So it sounds like its back to pop/rock. I kind of figured thats what would happen. Not complaining though, as long as its more Kelly and less Pink cast-offs.
  4. I mean that is literally ideal.
  5. I was kind of thinking it’d finally be the time for a blissed out country album. I just don’t want her to return to the era of...stagnation. Meaning of Life was SUCH an improvement.
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  6. I hate waiting y'all!! When do you think we'll get the first single?
  7. I don’t mind a combination of those albums, but throw in a bit of My December too. At least for a ballad.
  8. I'm actually glad she's going back to her Pop Rock sound. Her last album wasn't my cup of tea.
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  9. Y‘all, I think this will be great.

    Please come to Europe, Kelly. I really need to see her live once in my life.
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  10. Meaning of Life is incredible, but I'll take another Stronger if she can elevate it in a similar way and keep it from getting too synthetic or shiny.
  11. I’ll take anything that‘s similar to Meaning Of Life, Stronger or Breakaway.
  12. I’ll admit that I’m surprised she’s eluding to a pivot back to her Breakaway/Stronger sound, as I was under the impression Meaning of Life was the album she’s wanted to make all her career.

    But that said I’m excited all the same. She’s such a versatile singer and her voice suits practically any genre, so even if it’s a fusion of Breakaway, Stronger and Meaning of Life I have all the faith that it’ll sound great.
  13. Stronger is a fantastic album so I'm glad to hear it mentioned.
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  14. I know there was probably no reason to worry but this is a bit of a relief to me:

    You sing the songs in the film, but you didn’t write them. Did you consider working on the music?
    They asked me to write music for the film and I was like, “I have a lot of jobs.” And my kids come first. I was like, “This is not me saying I don't want to do it — I don’t have time to do it. I’m choosing my kids and all the other jobs before this.” When the Pink song came in, it was awesome. I’ve done songs on my albums where I haven’t lived the experience. … For a movie, you kind of put your ego aside and go, “This isn’t Kelly Clarkson making a record, this is Moxy.”

    The last bit gives me hope that this isn't necessarily going to carry over to her next album. I'm also perfectly happy with her going back to a pop/rock direction - and honestly I'd love if she would work with Max Martin and Shellback. That said, I hope that she's not going back towards that because she thinks that people didn't like the r&b sound, because they were barely exposed to it. I'm worried that she's so enamored with being away from RCA and with someone new that she's unable to see that they mishandled her last album spectacularly. Meaning of Life didn't fail because people didn't like the direction, it failed because her label did nothing to support it.
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  15. It seems kind of difficult because the Kelly Clarkson brand is so hot right now that her overall popularity is unaffected by her music career, seemingly. In an ideal world, her favorable public image would reflect in her album sales, but there are now other mediums through which people can support her. It sounds corny, but she's gone from American Idol to America's Sweetheart.

    It's nice to see, in hindsight, that she's happy enough in her life to be this famous now. Her gripe with her manager during the Breakaway era was that he wanted her to be the most famous popstar in the world and that wasn't what she wanted- but look at her now: hosting awards show, judging a TV contest, touring, lead voice in an animated feature, upcoming talk show, book series, YouTube series...
  16. Could this be coinciding with her talk show at all? When is that supposed to take off?
  17. Sometime in fall. I think around september.
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  18. Television personality Kelly Clarkson confirming that she will be on The Voice until the rapture:

  19. September 9.
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  20. Isn't that every album she releases though, pretty much? No shade but other than the last album her music is pretty similar... Well, I guess My December was dark.
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