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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. I think this is nearly the longest we've ever had to wait for a new album from her, no? There was a three-ish year gap between Stronger and Piece by Piece, and Meaning of Life was out in October 2017. (Although, we at least got Wrapped in Red between Stronger and Piece by Piece.)

    I'm ready for new Kelly music to wail to. I hope they have a strong rollout plan.
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  2. The roll out plan is her saying "I have a new album coming out on [insert date here] y'all!" on her talk show and performing the lead single once instead of her daily cover and once on The Voice. Let's keep our expectations low.
  3. As long as the music is more Meaning of Life and less ... any other album besides My December (her opus), I’m here for it.
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  4. I’m not holding my breath for the new album this year.

    Maybe if she can announce Vegas again they could tie the album promo to that... But I just don’t see it.
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  5. If she's actually releasing a more personal album, I don't see how she doesn't release it this year. I can't imagine wanting to sing divorce songs a year+ after the actual divorce.
  6. She said it's coming this year when she most recently talked about it, I honestly think it will.
  7. When does this season of her talk show end? I have a feeling that's when the music will start to rollout. Especially in the sense that she doesn't like to sing her own stuff for Kellyoke, she probably won't start promoting until this season's wrapped.
  8. If we get even one piece of evidence that they thought beyond this than this I will be thankful
  9. Season 1 was September 2019 to 3rd September 2020.
    Season 2 then began 21st September 2020, according to Wiki, the end date is May 2021 for this season.

    Still can't believe its been renewed until 2023. I'll never see her live again at this rate (in the UK)
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    To be fair to Kelly, there was no issue with her promo for Meaning of Life. She was everywhere, everyday, performing everything. Although I guess things might change now with the talk show taking precedence and Brandon no longer being her manager

    It was Atlantic's complete inability to work anything on radio or streaming that was the issue. I'm never, ever going to get over her performing "Heat" fifteen times on TV over a five-month period and Atlantic then deciding to send it to radio. The absolute worst.
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  11. I've said this before but the narrative that seems to exist in Kelly's threads about her being lazy or not promoting her music is based on nothing. She promotes more than anyone else I can think of almost 20 years into her career. Kelly fucking hustles.
  12. I want the album to come this year, I just don’t see it.

    I suppose we’re in uncharted waters at the end of the day. The chat show is pretty full on, as someone else pointed out there were like 2 weeks between seasons last time.

    And that’s just one part of it, she has her kids, the messy divorce/legal drama, the postponed Vegas residency, it’s a lot, even if you take away the fact she/the label might not want to release until there’s a bit more normality.
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  13. Plus there's The Voice on top of all that, unless I've missed something about it ending or Kelly stepping down?

    I'd love a new album from her though. Meaning Of Life wasn't perfect, but its best moments are as good as anything she's done.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I know I put a lot of emphasize on it and maybe thats become an eye roll, but she truly is a full time television personality now. My low expectations for future music promo aren't for nothing. Yes, she promoted her albums well in the past when music was her main gig. But it's not anymore. She's filming a daily talk show at least 9 months of the year and she does endless cycles of The Voice. Those are the professional endeavors she has made her priority.
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  16. I hear you but she hasn’t had an album to promote during this time so surely that’s why she hasn’t made promoting music a priority? As pointed out, she put the work into promoting Meaning Of Life so I’m hopeful for this upcoming record whenever we get it.
  17. If she has to stay in one place for her talk show anyway, I can see her doing a Blake Shelton and parking herself in that Voice chair for as long as the show runs.
  18. She said last year that the album was originally supposed to come out at the end of 2020, before the pandemic and then the album changed direction after her divorce. It sounds like she was writing a lot and it's going to be one of her most personal albums.

    She talked about it a few months ago:

    She said how she knows fans are waiting for new music, and "I worked on a couple of things to release for Christmas until I can put the album out", so I really do think they're planning on releasing it this year. I don't see why they wouldn't.

    As far as promo expectations are low, but, I could see her getting a cute little promo circuit. She definitely worked the promo circuit to promote her talk show and has somehow made her busy schedule work with extra appearances. Even I Dare You, a one off single, got some decent push with interviews and performances.
  19. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I don't think there's ever going to be a good time for her to release music at this point. The talk show is her full-time job now, and will be for the next 20 years. It also seems like she's permanently tied to The Voice now. There are like seven different lawsuits between her and her ex, none of which I'm assuming will be resolved anytime soon. And even if there wasn't a pandemic, touring seems to be at the very bottom of her priority list.

    Honestly, her best bet is to just drop the album and pop up for a handful of TV performances. I'm really not expecting anything more than that, especially in regards to singles/videos/chart performance/etc.
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