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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

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  1. Such a great interview, one of my favorites from her in a long time. She opens up about her divorce, health issues that cause weight fluctuation, mental health, fears of botox (and how she is 100% not above it, she's just generally terrified), etc.

    "If I weren't terrified...I would be sitting right here with some Double Ds, I'mma be real with you." I love her so much.

    I've always been proud to stan her for so many reasons, but especially for how real she is.

    The interview starts around 9:30

    Regarding the new album/her divorce....she said she hasn't written this many songs since she was 20.
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  2. "I lost at Family Feud!"

    I'm 40 minutes in but this is one of her best interviews.
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  3. Also, this is excellent.
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  4. Holy fuck that was good.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had no idea this interview existed!
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  6. I still find it amazing how someone who won a reality tv show singing competition has achieved *waves hand vaguely* all that she's achieved.
    When she does these covers on her show, It reminds me she is that same person who was doing covers as a contestant on American Idol (brace yourselves) nineteen years ago. And with her level of talent? Well deserved, even still. And I'm glad that even though she's become famous and has made probably a boat load of money, she still just feels like that same genuine girl from Texas.
  7. My most important votes to date!
  8. It helps that she's the only Idol winner other than Carrie Underwood (and maybe Jordin Sparks, sporadically) that had tangible Star Potential, if I'm honest
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  9. Also American Idol likes to lock it's winners into terrible recording contracts and, i'm not sure they did that with Kelly?
    For a long while it felt like whoever was runner up had a better crack at getting somewhere with their career because they could go to whatever label wanted them instead of be stuck with whatever one they "won".
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  10. They definitely did that to Kelly, she has talked about that in interviews before, she was stuck with RCA for more than a decade, a label that she didn’t choose. And even though she had great commercial success with them, they were forcing her to stay in a more pop-rock lane that she really didn’t feel like exploring anymore. From what I know, after My December didn't produce any big hit singles, they basically forced her to do a more commercial album and record with Dr. Luke for All I Ever Wanted.
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  11. What's interesting is that Kelly basically paved the way for everyone else (in the US at least) on these shows, I genuinely don't believe it would have lasted as long or had the credibility it got if Kelly didn't become a star.

    And with her being the first one to come straight off of a show like this, be paired with a record label without either of them choosing each other...her contract wasn't great and she didn't have a huge budget to start off with. There was a lot she had to fight for pretty much endlessly until probably Stronger....but especially on her first album. They didn't want to listen to her, didn't see her as an artist and wanted to pigeonhole her as a balladeer. The interviews she has given over the years (especially once she moved to Atlantic, there was a really great one she did with Shane McAnally) about her career have been so interesting. She truly worked her ass off to simply be herself.

    ETA: Found the interview, really great listen if anyone is interested:

    same with this one:
  12. I've been playing this on repeat. This easily could have been kelly song
  13. She won the Daytime Emmy for Best Talk Show and Best Talk Show Host.

    When is this album coming?
  14. Ellen normally wins for Talk Show so that's cool.
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  15. 3x Emmy winner, we love to see it!
  16. Island

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    Kellemmy Clarkson
  17. I love her and she’s such a sweetheart, but how on Earth is she winning as a host? The show as a whole is cute so that may be understandable, but from what I’ve seen so far, as an interviewer, she still tends to talk over her interviewee and/or bring the discussion back to her. Oprah does something similar for the latter, but she does it in a way that encourages the interviewee to share more, not have them feel like “I’ll just let you talk now.”
  18. The same applies to Drew Barrymore. She talks and talks and talks.
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    The Drew Barrymore Show is such a trip because every guest is bracing themselves for Drew to squeal, gasp, and interrupt at any moment.
  20. This is easily one of my favourite Kellyokes to date.

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