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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. You Love Me is everything. How that was not a single when Dark Side was (grr), I really cannot comprehend.

    You could make a killer alternative GH with all the best songs she never gave the single treatment to.

    Be Still
    Can I Have a Kiss
    Don't Let Me Stop You
    Let Me Down
    You Love Me
    The War is Over
    Let Your Tears Fall
    Good Goes The Bye
    In the Blue
    Meaning of Life
    Would You Call That Love

    Oh, Kelly...
  2. I actually liked the album photo shoot tbh, I think it was one of her better ones! Meaning of Life definitely felt like it had more of a solid visual direction than any of her albums in years (other than Wrapped In Red but that's an obvious visual dd). It felt like a very classic diva vibe with the big flowing hair and gold/black classy fashion. Kelly isn't one to really have a distinct aesthetic per era like other Pop girls, but that one had a pretty defined aesthetic with the whole "diva" vibe.


    But you're right, she definitely was serving more in the tour photoshoot. She had a bit of a midera glo-up, very similar to the Stronger era dd



    Those tour pics are STUNNING.
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  3. This performance of Never Again was one of the most important things to me ever in my teenage years; she is FEELING those lyrics! Girl had NO TIME for any fuckboy's bullshit that night. I hope that final I NEVER WIIIIIILLLL burst the eardrums of the sorry soul(s) who inspired the song.
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  4. SAME her vocals were insane that performance.

    This one though is probably my fave....she was FEELING it and the anger was in full force, it's almost kinda scary?? Her voice had a bit of a weird patch during the My December era but the raspiness worked here.

    It was also right after Clive made his little speech about Idol alums and their new music and totally snubbed My December dd

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  5. Admittedly, My December took me a hot minute to really connect with. Off the back of Breakaway I was like “my queen where are the bops?!” But I then realised she kinda needed an album like My December to process her own emotions and whatever. Plus the drama with her label at the same time, I didn’t blame her for being fucked off.
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  6. Whereas now I find some aspects of My December a bit too much, at the time as a 16 year old dealing with death in the family, becoming more aware of being gay and the classic feeling out of place in the boring ass suburbs, it really spoke to me. That album pulled me through a tough time in my life and I felt such a strong connection to it that I wouldn’t feel again with any album until I went through a rough patch a few years ago and Melodrama and After Laughter came out. Kelly’s said in a few interviews before that she’s “not writing John Lennon- Imagine” (as if that’s a bad thing dd) and tries to downplay her talent as a writer but so few could connect with their audience the way Kelly does when she tries.
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  7. This is so interesting because My December properly resonated with me in terms of themes and all that at the same time Melodrama and After Laughter came out. I was majorly going through it mentally and emotionally in 2017 and so all 3 of those album (along with SZA’s CTRL) really kept me afloat.
  8. My December has a genuinely fantastic album buried underneath some of the absolute worst production I’ve ever heard on an album. I remember having an mp3 rip of it and thinking it couldn’t possibly be that tinny so ripped my own CD of it and realised that it just does sound like someone’s mastered it to sound like a 64kps wma. It’s the only let down of the album for me.
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  9. I've always wished for a re-recorded version of My December with her current vocal abilities and much better production. I wouldn't be able to cope with 2020 vocals on Maybe, Irvine or Sober.
  10. I was in the audience for that one and it was insane. All the Kelly fans roared but when I looked side to side at the Reba fans next to me they were unfazed.

    How you don't just get on your knees and bow down to that ending I don't know.
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  11. Yeah the mixing/mastering of My December is pretty terrible, it all sounds so compressed.
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  12. She sounds gorgeous on The Climb.
  13. I've never been a huge fan of that song but WOW she sounds stunning.
  14. Oh, I liked the visual direction of Meaning of Life. I loved the black and gold theme which carried through to her red carpet appearances. Although too many of the pictures from that era had the same pose, where she was dramatically running a hand through her hair. But yeah, the tour book photos were gorgeous. Especially the pictures of her outside with her hair up. It’s a shame they were never used for anything else.
  15. dd there was a funny tweet around that time saying "I want to have as much fun doing anything as Kelly Clarkson is having with her hair", I can't find it but I did find this one

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  16. Gah! I was not ready for this. Amazing. Beautiful. My heart!

    Also, I love My December, especially for the lyrics BUT let me bask in the praise for After Laughter cause Paramore are still underrated as fuck.
  17. What a stellar performance!
  18. I'm with @Blond where My December came out right at the height of my teenaged angst and questioning of my sexuality and place in the world. To hear her really channel her rage was so cathartic especially given how much I had spun and adored Breakaway. Her battle with Clive and the label mapped so perfectly onto that teenage sense of battling against parental and other adult authority figures who were trying to tell me who to be. In My December, she staked a claim on who she was as an artist and even if it's not perfect it's authentically her which was exactly what I needed to see and hear at that age. Then to really sit with the sadness of "Sober" and "Maybe" and especially "Irvine" was so deeply healing.

    Also "Judas" was a great toxic high school friendship bop!
  19. Clive can rot, the spiteful old fossil.
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