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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. I still feel like this is probably just the stems played around with, but it's fun to listen to!
  2. Also, more stem clips

    The way the vocals really MAKE People Like Us what it is, whew.

    Also, I love how from around 5:06 to 5:10 you can kinda hear what was coming from her headphones while recording. Listening to these is so fun

  3. The higher harmonies in the verses of Catch My Breath are stunning.
  4. "Yeah... Grrr... I'm a model" - I can't.
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  5. Those stems are AMAZING I genuinely don't know how I regularly forget how brilliant Kelly is. Can't wait for the next record, hope it doesn't get pushed back due to everything.

    It makes sense to release it before Vegas next year, right?
  6. She recently said it was originally slated for the end of this year before the pandemic started, so hopefully it wasn't pushed back tooo far.
  7. Revisiting Piece by Piece and it really mostly is faceless basic trash. Is it considered good over here?
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  8. It's not a very exciting or interesting album but I enjoy most of it and love a solid chunk of it.
  9. Well maybe I am a little harsh but going through all of her discography at the moment songs like Take You High and Invincible aren’t terrible but also so below the standards she set herself - even All I Ever Wanted has more to offer.

    They even found a way to destroy the fantastic lyrics of Piece By Piece with the album version.
  10. Those two are certainly low points for me. I really love Good Goes the Bye, the title track, Nostalgic and Let Your Tears Fall. Dance With Me, Bad Reputation and Someone are also really enjoyable.
  11. I definitely enjoy Piece By Piece. Let Your Tears Fall, Nostalgic, Piece By Piece, Good Goes the Bye, In The Blue, Someone...all really great tracks. There's some pretty meh stuff on there (Heartbeat Song, War Paint, etc) but nothing offensively bad. I also like that it feels somewhat more cohesive than the couple of albums that came before it, there's some good production.

    Overall, not her strongest, but there's some really good songs on there.
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  12. I still despise Heartbeat Song and the album as a whole is mostly meh, but there's some decent songs in there. I do really love the title track.
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  13. More absolute vocal slayage for your Monday!
  14. ''Heartbeat Song'' is absolute trash but I do love some songs from ''Piece by Piece''. For example ''Tightrope'' has me in tears every single time.
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  15. Heartbeat Song was beneath her but I bop to the verses. The only version of Tightrope I listen to is the live one from the remix album. Piece By Piece is good. Invincible is fine. Good Goes the Bye and Someone are solid. Thats all I use.
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  16. I would seriously consider making a trip to Vegas while she's on.
  17. I was meant to be meeting her on September 23. Lowkey heartbroken it's not happening, I was thrilled at how quickly I got the ridiculous amount of money I'd paid refunded.
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  18. I can't tell you how disappointed I was thinking this was going to be the Whitney, Faith Evans & Kelly Price song, only to find out it's by someone called Elvis? Sorry to this man...
  19. She's replacing Simon on AGT post him breaking his back.

    Remember when Kelly was a singer...
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  20. I've never heard of an Elvis but I wish ounce of luck?

    Stan talent!
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