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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. I want this whole show professionally released in some form. Just give me the audio. Lol
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  2. Halo came out before Already Gone, didn’t it? I’m sure I saw an interview where Kelly tried to pull it from the album but it was too late in the same.
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  3. I can't tell you what interview but I remember Kelly speaking candidly about the two tracks and stated how Already Gone was created first and when Ryan Tedder worked with Beyonce, he played her Already Gone and she said she wanted a song just like it and that is how Halo was created.
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  4. It's been 12 years and I'm still bitter All I Ever Wanted was the album's fourth single over Long Shot.
  5. I know Already Gone was created first. I remember Kelly saying it too. But then at what point did Halo get offered to Leona? I’m not sure Beyoncé said I want a song like that but that Ryan had created a soundalike intended for Leona and when Syco passed on it Ryan offered it to Beyoncé? That’s just the impression I have from the information shared over the years.

    I’m guessing the version intended for Leona was Ryan’s demo which has very small lyric differences to the Beyoncé version - which she then got a writing credit for.
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  6. I additionally really loved the de-Haloed version of Already Gone that she birthed for the single release promo-

    The song holds its own!
  7. I honestly don’t think the songs are that similar? The production is cut from the same cloth but the rest is quite different to me.
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  8. You can literally sing one over the other though:

  9. Oh I had never heard Halo vocals over Already Gone instrumental... something about the major chord resolution with Bey’s melody is very comforting.
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  10. This video still sends me. The laugh she does dd

    And then this....there was a TV special at the time called Get Schooled to help encourage youth to get educated and pursue their passions, and one episode featured Kelly's longtime musical director Jason. The episode pretty much centered around their struggle to make a good live arrangement for Already Gone...Kelly did not want to do the album version because of the Halo thing, but the acoustic version got dull.
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  11. I will never tire of this song. It’s the way she sings it. Always gets me.
    Also, I would love to hear her cover Running Just In Case by Miranda Lambert
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  12. Beyoncé deciding to put that "Burning through my darkest nights" riff just to establish authority and superiority amongst anyone who ever tried to sing Halo... that's nerve and that's power.
  13. Long Shot is, hands down, the best thing Katy Perry has ever given the world.
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  14. Revisiting Piece By Piece and really liking it way more than I did. There are still a few duds in it, but on the whole a solid collection.
    Take You High is that batshit bop that we all need in our lives.

  15. Blast from the past!
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  16. To me, "Already Gone" is miles above "Halo". Better lyrics, better delivery, better everything. I don't like "Halo" but adore "Already Gone".
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  17. Already Gone is fantastic. Halo is... there.
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  18. Yeah Halo is fine, I think the whole angel/savior as a metaphor for unconditional love is a bit tired. Already Gone is that devastating no one to blame dissolution I eat up every time.
  19. Magnificent as always. Love the MLK speech bits they included.
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  20. Any excuse to post this...

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