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Kelly Clarkson - 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 2, 2019.

  1. Already Gone is her 3rd best song ever.

    1. Sober
    2. Since U Been Gone
    3. Already Gone

    These are the only acceptable choices for ones top 3 Kelly Clarkson songs. Halo is a good song as well, but for me Halo plays like Beyonce's A&R called Ryan and said "we want a ballad like Bleeding Love" and thats what she got, whereas Already Gone feels like it really has Kellys musical DNA in it. It feels like a Kelly Clarkson song rather than just being handed a Ryan Tedder power ballad, ala Happy or Battlefield (both good as well!).
  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    "Sober" and "Since U Been Gone" will probably never budge as her Top 2 songs. 3rd place for me is too close to call between "Never Again", "Meaning of Life", and "Piece by Piece" (album version). "Catch My Breath" is close behind as well.
  3. I echo the Sober/Since U Been Gone top 2. My third spot is between Already Gone, Because of You, Heat and Behind These Hazel Eyes and the Live version of Miss Independent from the Greatest Hits.
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  4. My Top 3:
    Behind These Hazel Eyes
    Meaning of Life
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Say it louder sis! I was going to include "Miss Independent" as a Top 3 contender, but I also never listen to the album version anymore because the Greatest Hits live version blows it out of the water.
  6. This actually sounds really nice! Cool to see her helping out her former Voice people like this.

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  7. Any love for Someone on here? I always adored the melody in the verses on that.
  8. She has just been nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Talk Show. So much talk in here these last few days about when she used to be a pop star, and not enough talk about her true calling: a television personality with a passion for karaoke.
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  9. Miss Independent is incredible but she also did it better with Walk Away.
  10. Since U Been Gone is great but it's not in her top 3 songs.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Beautiful Disaster and You Love Me deserve best Kelly song shout outs.
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  12. I was hesitant about the talk show, but I'm totally fine with where she's at.

    Kellyoke is a thrill. *shrug* I like hearing her sing a variety of styles, and her voice has never been stronger. They're harmless, and usually a blast.

    We know she's working on new music and that we'll get the album this year. She's almost 40, so acting like she has this lucrative pop career that she's ignoring isn't exactly true. She's not going to have massive pop success anymore. She released an album in 2017, and she's about to release another in 2021. That's more activity than other pop stars we know.
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  13. My top 3 are all from Breakaway:

    Hear Me
  14. Probably her most underrated song. It's criminally short but her vocals absolutely soar and it houses some of the best lyrics on an album that doesn't have many standouts otherwise.
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  15. You Love Me is incredible and probably the best song from Stronger.
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  16. Beautiful Disaster (Live) is what truly laminated my stan card when Breakaway came out.
  17. Sober
    Because of You
    Catch My Breath

    I could easily slot in You Love Me, Piece By Piece (Album Version), or Addicted (that bridge!) at No. 3. Or, dare I say, Irvine? I feel uncomfortable placing that in her Top Three, knowing how she feels about it and what a dark place it comes from, but it really captures something special.
  18. She was the queen of the live re-imagining, long before Kellyoke. These two, Piece by Piece at Idol and my underrated sad!fav, Never Again at the iTunes Sessions. All offer great twists on the original recordings.
  19. Never Again
    Long Shot
    You Love Me

    are my faves.
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  20. Ohh Addicted is another fave. The DRAMA.

    Also, I have such a random soft spot for Let Your Tears Fall...I totally see how some people might find it basic or filler but I’ve always really loved it for some reason.
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