Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry (Deluxe)

She's talked about wanting to do Broadway like since she first started, I think she'd kill it!

It’s just weird I just can’t remember any reference to Broadway from my peak Kelly fan days!

I’m sure she’d do a good job too with the right role, I do love her versions of It’s Quiet Up Town and Never Enough (and I love the Josh Groban duet!).
Ok but I Do Not Hook Up is better than My Life Would Suck Without You. I Do Not Hook Up is a massive bop and her ignoring it for most of her career is criminal.

"But boys will be boys, oh yes they will, they don't wanna define it" is one of my favorite Kelly vocal moments on record.
FINALLY someone said it. I never liked My Life Would me it’s her worst song. It’s just noise and a cheap attempt at recapturing Since U Been Gone.

I Do Not Hook Up however, was and still is a fire song. So grossly overlooked.
We've all worked with an Alex Duda at some point. Luckily for me it was three long months (and I got out of the situation with many gains) but yeah. Nip the girlboss bud in the knee or whatever the saying is.
I’m sure Kelly is pretty devastated by this. She’s not someone to take this lightly. I doubt her initially statement is all she’ll say on this matter. You just know she’s going to be outspoken enough about this to actually make change happen. They might try limit what she says about it on the show itself but outside of filming I’m sure she’ll be pretty vocal about it.
Hopefully the move to New York for the show will act like a clean slate moment. Cull the toxic staff and perhaps invest more time in knowing what’s going on behind the scenes so Kelly can stay aware of the goings on behind the scenes.

This staff member tells Variety that just this month when the writers strike began, Clarkson sent a video of herself with a heartfelt message to the staff, letting them know that she would be covering their pay out of her own pocket for the days they were already scheduled to work. Production on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” was shut down when the writers strike began, ahead of its May 20 season-end, which is when the show was planned to go on summer hiatus.
I feel like this just happened, trainings are a good step. I don't know what anyone expects overnight when there's an entire network involved with this next to her. She's clearly very genuine and sincere. Like...
This era feels doomed girls.

The show being in such a negative light weeks before the album release when it’s about to go off air with no room to address the issue on the show itself… I’m sure she’s not part of the problem directly but it’s ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ so the headline isn’t great for Kelly as an individual.

We already knew the music fan base had been eroded and were hoping the casual TV fans would soften the blow!

She still has (too many) sales from me but I’m not sure it’ll be enough.
Meh, it's unfortunate timing and it's a rough issue to come up, but it's reassuring that Kelly isn't part of the problem and she's trying to rectify it (and the articles have made it a point that she's been nothing but great). The album sounds like it's going to be fantastic, which is all I'm asking for at this point. I have 0 expectations sales wise which is kind of freeing as a fan to be honest dd.