Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry (Deluxe)

"I hate love" is not great but it's by far the most interesting of the tracks. The prechorus with that electronic production is lovely and it's interesting how different it is than the bumpkin production on the verses but the chorus itself is really lazy. Not sure how well this hangs together but it has more verve than the others.
Comfortably the most interesting of the four in its soundscape and the very stream of consciousness songwriting on the verses. Agreed the bridge into the chorus is the best part and that the chorus itself is pretty damp... a running theme.
All 4 of these songs have the same issue, the verses are so much stronger than the chorus. i hate love is fun enough. The intro is very Rainbow Connection which I kinda dig.
I got tickets to her vinyl signing in NYC on the 23rd, so I cancelled my Spotify vinyl order - hopefully if anyone missed it they can get it now.
This one wants to go to an interesting place, but it doesn’t get there.

I imagine, like Pink, there will be ‘one’ on the album that really works, but I wanted more for Kelly.
Yeah, I do love all of these songs, my only complaint so far is that Favorite Kind of High and I Hate Love are brought down a bit by lackluster production. Which is a bummer considering she is trying some new things vocally and structurally on some of these songs, and a bit more edge production-wise would have really brought it there. That said though, I am enjoying all of these and excited to hear the rest, since the ones that got the most chatter after the Belasco show haven't been released yet. So far I'd rank these:

1. mine
2. i hate love
3. me
4. favorite kind of high
I just watched the Facebook Live and a bit of the TikTok one, she showed most the vinyl which was fun!

When asked about Europe she basically just said she’s too busy.

She spent most of the Facebook one with a minion filter on ddd…