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I'm sad to see the end of the Meaning Of Life sound. That albums is her best. But all of her albums were pretty good, with Breakaway being among the top tier.
I'm sad to see the end of the Meaning Of Life sound. That albums is her best. But all of her albums were pretty good, with Breakaway being among the top tier.
Her most consistent album for me. The first one of hers I've ever bought too!
I liked 'Breakaway' but it was all about those singles which were epic to be fair.
Breakaway is one of those albums that could feel overrated, but it really really isn't. I mean:

Since U Been Gone
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Because of You
Walk Away
You Found Me

all could have been singles. I Hate Myself For Losing You is really the only song I tend to skip, and even its not bad.
For me it's all about Breakaway (9), Since You Been Gone (10), Behind These Hazel Eyes (10) and Because Of You (10) - the rest is alright but that's it....

Love 'Meaning Of Life' from start to finish, I skip nothing...


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I'm not entirely happy about this to be honest. Obviously I love Breakaway and Stronger, but I thought the whole point of switching labels was so that she could finally move away from that sound. And I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing that she'd willingly return to pop/rock without label interference, and that's not me being immature and assuming that the big bad label is stifling her creativity - I just don't see why she'd go back to that sound other than to (try to) score a few radio hits, especially after all of her talk about finally doing what she wants to do, Atlantic giving her creative control, and wanting to make an R&B album, a country album, etc.

The frustrating thing is that Heat and Medicine could've been legitimate radio hits but lemme not get into that again. Basically, I just don't want another album in the Breakaway/Stronger vein - I still get my life to Gone and Let Me Down and You Love Me and that's good enough and all I need. Meaning of Life was such an incredible breath of fresh air in her career, and I don't want her creative ambition squandered yet again because Atlantic was incapable of handling her last album properly and think the solution is for her to go backwards and repeat past glories.
The biggest slap in the face re: Meaning of Life was that tour setlist...I was so excited to go, but didn't even bother after realizing the album was being paid DUST. Now THAT'S a show that would've benefited from smaller venues, and a more thorough examination of the album and its/Kelly's influences...not whatever top 40 + bare minimum from the new LP bullshit they ended up with.

Oh well. At least the album exists. Meaning of Life, Didn't I, Medicine, I Don't Think About You, Love so Soft, CRUEL (!!!), Heat, and Slow Dance are all amazing moments
Meaning of Life had some fantastic moments on it, looking back. Medicine and Cruel in particular. I fully expect her to switch to Pink route and give us AC soccer mom crap that will get her some easy coin, though. There seems to be a newfound market of AC after Greatest Showman OST and I have no doubt she/they will try to explore it more. I just hope she doesn't lose her charm.
Literally nothing about this makes sense. Meaning of Life failed for two reasons: 1) Her label shit the bed, plain and simple. As mentioned, they royally fucked up the radio adds and the singles choices/rollout made no sense. 2) Kelly is 37. In pop music years, that's 200. The thing is, while that does work against her, it shouldn't mean that they stop trying - Kelly makes the kind of safe, ubiquitous pop (and I don't mean that as a bad thing) that is generally well-accepted by both top 40 and HAC. There were tracks on Meaning Of Life that should have been strategically pushed to maintain her radio presence, but they totally dropped the ball. They could have played to her strengths on both radio formats, but they did neither.

Singles run should have been:

Love So Soft (sent to top 40 and HAC)
Meaning of Life (sent to top 40 and HAC)
Medicine (top 40) / Slow Dance (HAC)
Heat (top 40 / HAC)