Kelly Clarkson - "favorite kind of high" + Chemistry (Jun 23)


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Yeah "there's a cool way we're releasing it" immediately got my back up because I don't trust Atlantic to handle anything properly, but let me remain positive dot mp4.

I am hopeful about how much she loves the album cover, because I remember when someone tweeted that they hated the Piece by Piece cover and she replied "just don't look at it" nn. So the fact that she's like "you're gonna want it on vinyl" makes me think it has a concept/theme and it's not just her standard close-up shot. Although her saying that it's "not photoshopped" makes me think of the I Dare You cover fffff
I feel like EPs are exactly what it's going to be and I'm already pressed and distressed. Can anyone explain the business reason why labels choose to do that?
We all know EP’s leading to an album are never a good idea, but for Kelly? A nightmare.

I’m just not sure her label/management would want her to commit to such a long process and she probably wouldn’t either. Of course the wheels can fall off halfway through but going into a strategy like that on day one they would all have to agree to see it through.

After 6 years, with the game completely changing, anything could seem cool to Kelly… Clips on TikTok, visualisers, variants/bundles. I mean she described I Dare You in a very similar way because of the multi-language release.
I hope they'll do a strong push with her next single. With her contemporaries Beyonce, Britney, Nicki, Shakira all still being able to make some splashes chart-wise, I don't see why Kelly can't with all the goodwill she still gets.
Release the lead single next month. Get her a performance spot on the Grammys (she is nominated). Release single #2 in late April. Release the album at the end of May when her talk show is in its finale phase. Promote and/or tour over the summer.

I doubt we get more than 2 singles so I won't even wish that far ahead. But it needs to be an album. A series of EP's that culminate in an album isn't right for her. But Atlantic has proved to be far more incompetent than RCA so we shouldn't be surprised.
Here for it.

She told Pink the album is about "sadness, depression, and divorce" so... yaaassss!
If she does do multiple EP's, I feel like they will each have a 'theme' so this will allow her to release a handful of songs that might not be cohesive as a full album but fit for each 'theme' ( such as "EP 1: Sadness, EP 2: Recovery, EP 3: Happiness)