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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. This. He’s a juggernaut in the industry, most people don’t want to cross him. The only one to have “crossed” him and bounced back is Kelly.
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  2. I also wonder why more people didn't question why Clive was doing that stuff at the time, but I get the feeling that people were scared to say anything bad about him. It doesn't seem like anyone has ever stood up to him like Kelly did.

    It seems like Clive rarely ever truly tried to compromise with her, it was his way or not at all. It was the same with Because of You...when she first played it for him, he laughed at the idea of her writing and then mocked/laughed at the song itself. Didn't even give it a second thought or try to make it work. Kelly had to get connected with Ben Moody and David Hodges without any help from the label, through her lawyer (who also represented them) to record it. She wrote the song herself, but added them as writers because she knew that having men with credits under their belt attached to the song was the only way her label would take it seriously.

    I remember at the time, the way the My December drama leaked was through some industry message board at the time called The Velvet Rope. Multiple people who were at that actual conference where he trashed her were talking about it and how uncomfortable it was, someone had to go up and whisper something to him, etc, but nobody really said how it was shitty of him. It's funny how it was labelled as "label drama" back then, when it truly was Kelly being horribly mistreated and belittled as a female artist.

    This whole interview is great, she starts talking more about Because of You and then My December afterwards around 33:00
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  3. Ugh I miss her. I miss her voice on new music I actually want to listen to. I'm looking forward to the Christmas album, especially if it's a moodier affair. It's been a long time since I've listened to Wrapped In Red (not even sure I've listened to it in full?) so i should give that a spin soon.

    Also, wondering if I'm alone in this but I think for her next non-Christmas album, a sound similar to Aly & AJ's Pretty Places, Slow Dancing, Stomach and Personal Cathedrals would work really well for her. I think she'd sound amazing.
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  4. Honestly I'd take Slow Dance x 12 for the next album. One of her absolute best album cuts.
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  5. My December is a nice album but it is screaming for proper production/mastering. As others have said, Don't Waste Your Time and One Minute sound like hits but are so muddy. It gave me Irvine and Chivas which are two career highs, which I'm grateful for.

    I'm glad she stood her ground but Kelly on Black Hole would have been such a moment honestly.
  6. Glad we all agree it was horribly mastered, I was worried my copy was messed up. It’s just such a shame how it all unfolded, because “One Minute” and “Sober” definitely deserve to be Kelly Clarkson classic hits alongside the Breakaway singles.

    Also, why is there no love for “Fading”? It’s strong as well (and probably my third favorite off the album) but also sounds like a demo that they just plopped as an extra for Japan, dddd.
  7. There is a song on My December called Fading?

    Edit: oh hey there is. Cute.
  8. I actually think Fading and Not Today are stronger than a handful of the standard album tracks.

    Dirty Little Secret is b-side material.
  9. All this talk of My December and no mention of Maybe is criminal.
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  10. Not Today is honestly pretty strong, and I still think Dirty Little Secret had some strong potential for TV show ad placement and whatnot. As did Irvine and Be Still.

    And on this topic, Sober is one of the best (if not the best) songs of her career. That bridge is so powerful.
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  11. I think My December is overhyped by fans and under hyped by the GP. There are moments of brilliance (of which Sober is clearly one) but it is absolutely bogged down by shit production. All of the songs sound like demos, the sole exception being Sober. There are a few songs that are also - at least to me- straight up bad. It needed a lot of fine tuning. But it’s what she wanted to make at the time so… it is what it is.
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  12. Clive's belittling of Kelly as a writer has always been weird. I'm not sure if it's a sexist thing because he praises Alicia as a songwriter all the time. Maybe in general, it's because she doesn't really play an instrument? Mariah's spoken about how it's very hard to get taken seriously as a songwriter if you're not behind the piano or playing the guitar.
  13. I think it's more to do with American Idol than anything. When you win a show like that you're kind of expecting to receive your talent in the form of a highly malleable product you can market any way you want. When Kelly started to show her artistry and willingness to forge her own path, I believe that made Clive so bitter. Kind of like we took a chance on this gimmick and look how she's biting the hand that feeds her instead of obeying every command. I don't think he believed she'd have much staying power because of her origins. He always admired people who tried to break free from the generic chokehold, in his book he said no one questioned Xtina with the double album concept for Back To Basics cause her artistic risk paid off with Stripped and they trusted her. But that same liberty wasn't offered to Kelly because she would always be that talent show winner they signed. She was the first of her kind, so it was always gonna be a tough relationship to establish and maintain.
  14. Haunted is up there as my fave Kelly song EVER...
    I like both versions for different reasons...
  15. I can't at Bowen Yang basically calling Chris and Kelly irrelevant @ :12 mark.

  16. I'm sure a large part of it is the symptom of nostalgia but the production on My December hasn't ever really bothered me? Kelly sounds phenomenal across the album (Sober is the obvious standout but Haunted also always feels slept on in that regard) and it's more a testament to how much of the album feels so powerfully and intrinsically her that the production doesn't really obstruct her vision.

    I also always thought the mixing on One Minute was meant to imitate the claustrophobia of a panic attack but apparently that's happenstance nn.
  17. I do kinda hate that the idea of covering a Lindsay Lohan song is thrown around as such a bad thing. Black Hole is a 10/10 pop/rock song and to be completely honest looking back now - this song isn’t a million miles from the sound of My December, it’s very different from wanting to stick something like My Life Would Suck Without You on there.

    Kelly was one of my favourite artists and at the time I was so happy she was able to complete her vision for the project but I suppose with hindsight now I can see the flaws in the album.

    This thread has made me very nostalgic! I can’t help but think back to the promotion she ran with Vitamin Water and how much I played the Dave Aude mix of Never Again you could get with the water before it was officially released!
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  18. My December gave us Irvine, one of my favorite songs of all time, so it at least has that.
  19. The real best song on My December, no competition. A masterpiece. Thankfully the ballads and strummy midtempos didn't suffer the same muddy mastering as the uptempos.

    Be Still and Can I Have a Kiss (clear missed single opportunity) round out the top 3. Her vocal on the latter... yes mom. One of her best ever.
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  20. Reliable insiders over on Pulse are confirming the lead single from her Christmas album is coming either next Thursday or Friday, titled Christmas Isn't Cancelled (Only You).
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