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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I’ve recently just discovered her cover of Kiss (by Prince) on Spotify and I’m obsessed!
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  2. I will sing this at full blast in my car when I'm having a shitty day. It's so damn good. I would argue it could be her best cover. . . *insert I said what I said gif*

    **EDIT** her cover of Walkaway Joe just came on while driving home and man, does she ever nail the fuck out of that. May have a contender. As well as Up To the Mountain
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  3. NBC musical seems realistic, but I would kill for a reproduction and re-record of My December. Sober and Hole with current vocals? RIP everyone.
  4. Would trade a limb for a studio version of ‘Miss Independent (Live 2012)’.
  5. When the chorus hits... wig found in the Kuiper Belt.
  6. I.. don't understand why this has been posted lol

  7. dd. I totally get what she's saying too.....Luke stripped away the personality from her voice, and all of the little soulful inflections she does that make it unique. Compare her vocals on My Life Would Suck Without You to how they are on Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You), where she does all of her signature riffing.
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  8. This was the mood booster I needed today! My god I love this women. What I would do to spend a wine trip with her. Haha. Enjoy!
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  9. I love Max Martin's work so no shade (and I do love what Dr. Luke can do as a producer)
    but I truly think this is about Max which he is so known for with singers, like I think Britney wanted to beat his ass for how long she spent on doing I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman...

    Also, Kelly should re-record as much as she can, I'm always up for alternative updates on songs!
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  10. I can’t remember which interview it was from a few years ago but I actually think she’s talking about Behind These Hazel Eyes. During the interview they played some of the verses and she cringed and got really uncomfortable because her voice sounded “small”, which is wild to me because I think that Behind These Hazel Eyes is one of the best vocals of all time.
  11. Max can be particular about that stuff, but I do think she's talking about Luke since she had to spend a lot more time with him in the studio with him than she did with Max. Max was only there for a little bit of the time, and she's only had nice things to say about him.

    dd I remember that, she was saying she sounds so white on it. I could see it being about a handful of the songs, but I think with Hazel Eyes, she was kind of talking about how much younger her voice sounded. She pretty much sang it the exact same way for the first handful of performances of it anyway, whereas she was already doing a couple of little things different in the first few Life Would Suck performances. But I could definitely see it being about any of these songs.
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  12. Criminally underrated

  13. I hope she does Breaking Your Own Heart one day. It's up there with Sober for me.
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  14. I loved 99% of this album, this song in particular. Shame she didn't release more from it.
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  15. Someone is the shining treasure of her worst album.
  16. Someone is on Piece By Piece, not Thankful sis!
  17. I've always loved this performance, even more than the album version:
  18. I prefer Thankful for the singles + You Thought Wrong and Just Missed the Train.
  19. There is no-one on this planet I would love to have 5 bottles of wine and an 8 hour chat with more than this woman. I just adore her.
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