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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I swear to God if she records Queen of the Night AGAIN when Exit Music (For a Film) is right there...
  2. Will those be live recordings or studio versions?
  3. She hasn’t recorded Queen of the Night in the last two decades so I wouldn’t be mad if it was that (although I bet it will be Run to You). I don’t think she’d have referred to I Will Always Love You as a Whitney cover having just done it as part of a Dolly Parton tribute.
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  4. This demo came on today through my Apple Music Library shuffle, and I can still never make heads or tails of it. It sounds very "All I Ever Wanted"-era demo, and the sample is fun. I wonder why it never made it to any album. It's one of her sexier sounding songs.

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  5. She said a lot of the songs that leaked that summer were songs she was writing to possibly send to other artists, I have a feeling Ready to Go was one of them.

    This one still makes me scream.

    Naked Eye, I Can't Lose, Lover Stay, and Lost were all fantastic though. I remember her mentioning Lost a few years ago and how she wants to do a singer/songwriter song in that vein one day.
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  6. Tell Me A Lie should’ve been on Stronger.
  7. Artwork for "Kellyoke."


    Happier Than Ever (Edit) - 2:06
    Happier Than Ever - 4:15

    Out at midnight.
  8. The cover is hideous, but I didn't expect anything different.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Fixed it
  10. I’m glad her old graphic designers are still employed!
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  11. I know this is so immature and dumb but I really hope she says “fuck”.
  12. She does.
  13. Thank god.
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  14. I never expect great artwork for any Kelly projects though I love the My December cover (even if there was airbrushing and photoshop???). Anyway, excited for the Kellyoke record.
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  15. She actually does cuss a little.
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  16. Hmm. Don't care about a single one of those outside Happier Than Ever, but as long as that one is as good as the performance then I don't care.
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  17. I'm...disappointed.
  18. It's very Happier Than Ever + five songs picked at random.
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  19. Fake Plastic Trees... Thank you, thank you very much.
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