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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Kelly Clarkson is free from RCA, and signed to Atlantic. Her new album is a soul/R&B project due next year. She's already begun working on it!

    While we wait, she's releasing music on the last Friday of every month. Could be more downloadable live covers, performances, etc.

    Here we go!
  2. Oh Kelly, why are you so amazing?
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  3. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    ' from RCA'.

    Yes, because it's all gone horribly for Kelly over the past fifteen years, hasn't it?
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  4. She acknowledged things under the current regime there have been good and she thanked them more than once.

    I'm a little worried that she's just going to be putting out random albums now and won't be doing the popstar thing anymore (even though music aside she's been a shit popstar for nearly a decade, but I digress). On the other hand I could totally see this album being half Trouble With Love Is style ballads and the other half being Locked Out of Heaven type uptempos. Basically I just hope she's still aiming for radio hits.
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I was just attempting to be humorous! As usual, it's failed.
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  6. Don't fuck it up.
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  7. The tweet she was quoting is now deleted but YAS SJW Queen!
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  8. No more tripe like Heartbeat Song, please, Kelly. I beg of you.
  9. I have to hope with every fiber of my being that this soul/RnB album will mean that we actually get a break from the empowerment schtick she's been peddling since "My Life."

    I know most people probably aren't going to be happy with her ""ditching pop"" but I think this could be the most interesting and special project of her career barring the tour de force that was Breakaway.

    I'm excited, and I haven't been excited by Kelly Clarkson in a long time. The music's always been good, she's always been incredible, and I've always bought the music. But for once, I'm actively anticipating an era from her as well as what and where she's going next.

    Bring it on Kellegend!
  10. Also hoping that the change in label and artistic direction gives her more freedom to do some interesting things with song themes and lyrical content. And, I'm especially hoping that the renewed creative energy and artistic license carries over to her music videos which have been the most dire part of her career for the better of a half decade.
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  11. Queen of trying appease all people all the time!
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  12. More like queen of shutting down the haters while simultaneously feeling her oats!
  13. Kelly's personality slays so hard that I even stan for her after Heartbeat Song.
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  14. For posterity.
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  15. Yas. Go all Mary J on me please.
  16. Heartbeat Song slayed my buss on my walk to work this morning.
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  17. Kelly is and always will be the true Queen of Pop. She could release any old shit and I'd still love her for her infectious personality.
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  18. Sis....even Kelly would be insulted with this ridiculous statement.
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