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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. She is literally the best thing about The Voice right now. Simon failed if he couldn't see how worth every penny should would've demanded for a single season of the X Factor.
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  2. Up stairs, no less!
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  3. I am naive and refuse to learn anything from past experiences, so I'm hopeful that this video is something more because they're hyping it a bit more than usual (I know, I know, new label); but she also seems to be heading toward something specific at the top of the stairs.
  4. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    That's a beautiful shot though. Some of the Love So Soft set-ups seemed pretty forced, but it was very well shot, so keeping it simple while maintaining a high level of aesthetic should be the way to go.
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  5. She looks incredible. I don't hate this as a single choice - I just think it'll be the second and LAST which is...a shame.
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  6. Sis really has made the same video 4956745306 times. Queen of consistency.
  7. Oh Kelly you must be in groundhog day because this video for the millionth time is a choice .
  8. Why is she like this
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  9. Well the Meaning of Life era was fun for the first few months when it had promise. But we're back to where we always are with Kelly.

    Heat and Medicine are career best songs and should see the light of day as singles and - in a just world - be hits. But they won't. We're done here.
  10. I think the best way to stan her is to pretend she stopped making videos in 2007, it's working well for me.
  11. Not her worst video. About 300,000 corny-spiral-stair-heights from her best.

    Oh well.
  12. The part when the zombie ghost women walk up the stairs is a moment , it's the sort of effect they use in a hallmark movie
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  13. Queen of making her videos look like soundtracks for Lifetime movies.
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  14. I barely watched it. I just skipped around a bit, saw that it’s literally the same video she’s made a billion times before, and moved on. I hate that this is the (most likely final) single when this album has so many better choices and there seemed to be so much potential at first. Welp.
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  15. I'm at a point where I'm becoming more interested in her as a TV personality than as a pop star. She has incredible tracks, but has no interest in acknowledging them. Until then, just give me interviews.
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  16. Wow. Nice effect:

    US iTunes:

    #50 I don't think about you (+400)
    #198 Love so soft
    #936 Whole lotta woman (+181)
  17. It’s nice that it was a reflection on her past am for her struggles both professionally and personally (I clocked you Miss Independent video stills) but it’s all a bit wet and dreary. She looks magnificent though so wig slightly shifted out of place I guess.
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  18. Its not actively terrible and she does look outstanding. It just has no luster to it when she's made this same video 90 times.

    But if its #50 on iTunes after a couple hours clearly its doing its job. Now get it on some spotify playlists.
  19. Up to #48 now. Has she performed on The Voice at all this year? It's doing really well in the ratings. Also, Love So Soft opened last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy.
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