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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. They should really push singles on Urban AC. It's hard to make inroads on Urban formats if an artist isn't seen as credible, but she's talented enough and it'd open her up to a new market who could really enjoy the sound of the album.
  2. Really liked her Rolling Stones interview, she has come such a long way in terms of her views on other women entertainers and genres. Hearing how 90's Mariah and Whitney were her references for Medicine is also amazing. Another highlight "I'm definitely more of a Janet fan than a Michael fan, even though I know that sounds crazy". No it doesn't gorl!
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  3. I'm finally hearing the whole album. It's very strong. I'm really impressed.

    edit: Finished. It's like Glory meets Catfghts + Spotlights. Love.
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  4. This is a GREAT album and it's a shame it's been handled so badly because there's so many potential hit singles that will never see the light of day.
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  5. I still love the album. It's my first KC album I actually physically went out to bought! I almost bought 'Breakaway' many years ago but then realised I only liked the singles and not the album tracks so left it. But 'Meaning Of Life', the way the singles off this album have been handled is shoddy! There were many potential hits on there.
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  6. She recorded a cover of American Woman for a new series of the same name.

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  7. I haven't seen any recent updates for I Don't Think About You on Hot AC, but I'm gonna go ahead and say its probably dead. There is no point in wasting a performance on The Voice on this song. Make Heat or Medicine the 3rd single, film a video now, actually send it to more than one radio format, and perform on The Voice finale and the Billboard awards. Someone send this to her husband.
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  9. Kelly is hosting the Billboard Music Awards on May 20. Also, couldn't help but notice she said "this first season" when she was talking about The Voice. Makes it sound like she's already agreed to come back. NBC must be pleased with her.
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Let me get pre-emptively upset at the fact that her hosting an awards show is an amazing gig and should ideally be used (along with The Voice finale) to launch "Heat" but I already know both slots will be wasted on "I Don't Think About You".
  11. Um, I needed that American Woman yesterday cover like 15 years ago. GIMME.
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  12. I’m guessing coming back for the next season is why there’s still no tour dates.

    And even though I’m frustrated as fuck, she is looking gorgeous
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  13. I don't mind her coming back next year but I really hope she isn't doing next season. Her being a judge has had 0 effect on her sales and she's just had one of the biggest flop singles of her career (assuming it doesn't have a Piece by Piece style rebound). I just want her to do a lengthy summer tour (at least dates in UK if not mainland Europe) with a ton of fan requests that go viral because that's low key the best part of being a Kelly fan.
  14. I've been a huge fan since the days of American Idol but this album just leaves me a little cold.

    Like when I listen to it, I enjoy it but I couldn't sing any of the choruses bar Love So Soft and Move You. I miss her pop/rock sound.
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  16. Well naturally.

  17. Oh, for fuck's sake.
  18. Nobody is checking for ballads in May and also I think Atlantic think that this is going to do what Piece by Piece did and it just won't. I know she's not likely to have a huge hit from Meaning of Life but Jesus Christ they're flogging a dead horse that was barely ever even alive. Like I wouldn't be mad if she sang literally ANYTHING ELSE from the album.
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  19. Not to be a broken record, but Atlantic didn't even send the song to any format but Hot AC so how hard are they going to bat for her anyway? It also bombed there by the way so.. move on, Kelly.
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