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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. I'd be into it, depending on who it is. She's never collaborated with a rapper before and it would fit Medicine really well. She said there was a conversation about it regarding one of the songs when they were putting the album together and they decided against it. So it was on her mind at one point anyway. I just want Heat, Medicine, and the title track to be singles. Not WLW.
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  2. Okay but her Carole King tribute was one of my favourite performances ever from her.

    However, it does seem weird that she's not performing I Don't Think About You since it's finally "taking off" but I definitely suspect there might be something to do with Cardi B since she mentioned her favourite song at the moment is Be Careful and said that she'd like to collaborate with her. As mentioned before, Medicine is the track that would fit a rap verse best as well. Also it's a huge bop.
  3. J89


    Is it just me, or are the me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e and le-e-e-e-e-e-a-v-es in I Don't Think About You really annoying? It kind of brings down the song for me.

    Heat is the one though from this album. Should definitely be the next single - if we are getting one that is.
  4. I'd be so here for a Cardi feature on Medicine or Heat, but yeah it's Kelly so it'll probably be on a new mix of Underneath the Tree.
  5. I heard I Don't Think About You on the radio today on the way to work and had a wee cry. Vocal queen.
  6. Earlier this week she did an interview where she said she wouldn’t have put the album out if she wasn’t going to tour it and they just needed to “work a couple of things out” before announcing dates.

    I don’t get it - even if coming back for another season of The Voice changed things, she could have easily done a US tour from June - October when they start recording the auditions. She then could have done a brief world tour in November & December.
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  7. Whole Lotta Woman is one of the least memorable songs on the album. It would do nothing as a single.
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  8. OK but Underneath the Tree never got its due with the general public and a July re-release would still make a better single than anything on this album.
  9. That song is a lot of things, but forgettable it is not.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    She has the best vocal game around right now. Wow.
  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    She's performing "Whole Lotta Woman" at the Billboard Awards.


    And I don't know how reliable this site is but it says the "Meaning of Life" video that she shot in September is out tomorrow (?!), which means that it's never being released as a single.


    Me upon realizing that Atlantic is going for the "throw everything at the wall" method even though I thought the one good thing to come out of her doing that wretched show for a second season in the fall and pushing back the tour for an entire year was that we'd get proper third and fourth singles, and said third and fourth singles would be "Heat" and "Meaning of Life".

  12. Apparently I’m the only one who loves Whole Lotta Woman ddd. Trash taste and proud.
  13. Whole Lotta Woman is great but she's performed it enough and it's not exactly a song people will take to instantly. Heat IS.
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  14. The second, third and fourth singles should have been (in order)

    2. Would You Call That Love?
    3. Meaning Of Life
    4. Go High

    End of...
  15. I get that Kelly loves Whole Lotta Woman but it just isn't going to do anything. Not that any other tracks will set the Hot 100 on fire, but there are so many great tracks that can help push the album.
  16. Nailed it.
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  17. No thank you. Meaning of Life was meant to be second single or nothing at all.

    Going forward, this is ideal to me:

    END OF MAY/EARLY JUNE:---> "Heat" (I'd prefer Medicine, but it doesnt translate well live, at least so far. Heat actually got better for me after the live versions)

    END OF AUGUST:---> "DIDN'T I" This song NEEDS to be a single. Ugh. It will be a major missed opportunity. It's one of the strongest songs of her career. Like, legitimately what I would imagine an Aretha 2018 comeback single to sound like. PLEASE don't sleep on this, Kelly + label. Perform it fucking everywhere and watch this album get a serious second life. It's such an amazing representation of the album, where something like Would You Call That Love?, while I see the hit potential, could be from a completely different project.

    EARLY NOVEMBER:---> "Cruel". It's so holiday/christmas-y to my ears. It could totally manage a top 20 at least on Billboard. Such an earworm. And her vocals on this one are out of fucking control.
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  18. It’s sad they’ve wasted the potential of this album. I don’t think anything was ever going to light the Hot 100 on fire but she could have gotten some cute Hot AC hits if they’d done things better. It’s a really solid album...I feel like I should be bopping in my minivan driving the kids to soccer practice when I play it but that’s part of its charm.
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  19. I'm totally here for "Love So Soft", but "Didn't I" should've led the album. It's more impactful, a better vocal showcase, and feel it would've generated more press/goodwill--add some amazing performances here and there and I'm curious where we'd be today with the album.
  20. Even though this campaign is a mess I’m so happy for her. I mean, this is her best album since My December. I think it’s so joyful and every song offers something to obsess about. Her personality and voice truly shines on this album. That’s a win if you think about how sterile Piece By Piece was, and even though I love both Stronger and All I Ever Wanted, it at times felt like her personality was fighting against the production.

    Kelly is one of my faves and I will always love her and her music. But I think I’ve come to terms with her not being a pop star anymore. And by that I mean giving us great eras. Maybe she can figure out some consinstency in promotion and focus on AC more in the future, but I really don’t mind her being on the Voice. If that gives her a good pay check and she has the freedom to release great music, I think that’s a win.

    Also I still want her to release a country pop album ddd. I’m thinking in the vein of Kace Musgraves latest album. It would be perfect for Kelly.
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