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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Stronger was and still is a brilliant little album. I massively connected to it at a point where I needed to make some changes in my life and it brings back a lot of memories. Kelly did that.
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  2. Same.
  3. I'll join the club.
  4. There are so many nice little lyrical moments on Stronger, too. Nothing stratospherically good, necessarily, but a few of her best lines are hiding here among some otherwise just passable lyrics. It's bonkers to be like "Oh yeah these exist on the same album that has 'dumb plus dumb equals you' as a lyric."

    Buzzin' like a bug on a light

    Like a brick in the sea and I'm drownin' with it

    When it counts, you count down

    You know I dream in color and do the things I want

    And I've always been bugged by how overproduced Standing in Front of You turned out to be in its final version, because it's such a lovely sentiment and has a beautiful second verse.

    And then the glitter turns to dust
    The color fades enough to make out pictures of a fire
    That burns like love
    You can close your eyes don't worry
    I'll still be here in the morning

    The feels. I'm not even sure she's ever performed this song live? Someone request that shit.

  5. I meaaaaan Honestly and You Love Me!
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  6. I think they felt they had to produce some of the songs more to make them different from the leaked versions. I do agree about SIFOY though, I much prefer the demo to the album version.
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  7. I've always thought it was weird that Kara is not credited on The Sun Will Rise even though it is a flat out duet.
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  8. Stronger was tied with My December for my favorite album when I first seriously got into her music. Now I just add Meaning Of Life for a three way tie. It truly has some career high songs (YOU LOVE ME, The War Is Over, Honestly, Hello, You Can't Win - I wish this had been a single, can you imagine?) , and the title track might actually be one of my least favorite on the album, though it is still a great pop song. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, a lot of the demos that didn't make the album are great songs too.
    For the copy I have she's credited in the booklet but not on the tracklist. It's weird.
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  9. I’d add I watch the days rush by me like a river, I shouldn’t wait but I’m scared to touch the water. That massively resonated with me as an anxiety-ridden 20 year old.
  10. I actually think the lyrics are the weakest part of Stronger? There's a lot of recycling, at least three tracks have a chorus about being alone/not being alone/being happy alone.

    Fucking fantastic album though, front to back. The big songs (You Love Me, Let Me Down, The War Is Over) are epics and the cute bops don't feel like filler either. I love Hello.

    Dark Side as a single was slightly ridiculous though.
  11. Dark Side was one of the only truly obvious singles though? Releasing it in the dead of summer was ridiculous, but the choice itself wasn't.
  12. You really think it was a more obvious single than Let Me Down or You Love Me? Dark Side is a nice enough song but it's kind of forgettable, once it's over it doesn't linger.
  13. Stronger is actually my least favorite album from her. There’s not a single song I like in there.
  14. upload_2019-3-16_17-1-56.jpeg
  15. Yes, I do. I think the misstep with it was releasing it in summer and giving it that disastrous video. People write songs off as bad single choices as soon as they don't do well. But not doing well doesn't immediately mean it was a poor choice, it could also mean it was poorly handled. Stronger and Dark Side were the two most obvious single choices on that album. You Love Me, I Forgive You, Alone, and Let Me Down could have all been perfectly decent singles (although the latter would be completely derivative for her at that point), but I don't think they sound as engineered to be hits the way Stronger and Dark Side do. I think if Dark Side had been released earlier and had a video more akin to something like Hazel Eyes it would be viewed differently.

    This echo's a conversation a few months ago in this thread - people groan and moan about how I Do Not Hook Up was a single but it was so obvious. If you were in a boardroom listening to that album and thinking "What's our best bet with radio? Whats going to hit with the 15 year olds with iTunes accounts?" you would have picked the 3 singles they picked. Same with Dark Side. It doesn't always pan out the way you'd hope, but it's not typically because a fan favorite album track would have been the better choice.
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  16. I always forget I Do Not Hook Up exists. It's so...un-Kelly.
  17. Ddddddd I'm seated next to Jason Halbert at the Chipotle around the corner from the arena and I'm stanning a bit.

    Unfortunately they're not talking about her next album. They're talking about bees.

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  18. It's so... un-good.

    My fave Dark Side moment was seeing a guy who I knew liked Kelly on grindr back then and I messaged him 'everybody's got a dark side' and he replied 'I don't speak English, greek only' - it was someone using his pic ddd.
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  19. It would have worked for Katy but Kelly?
  20. It sounds exactly like a Kelly Clarkson song and anytime someone doesn't like it they almost inevitably mention Katy which is... suspect.
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