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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Invincible is a fucking banger. Especially the belting in the last minute.
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  2. Don't get me wrong, you're right about the fact that there's something about that era that felt precious being a fan, because she fought so hard for it at the time. And you are right, the album sure isn't that different from Breakaway, and I think Breakaway is a perfect pop album with much more soul than most modern albums. But like @RJF said, My December continued on that sound and expanded it. For me, it was an album of growth.

    I also enjoy Stronger and AIEW a lot, but they just don't grab me the same way Breakaway or My December. Lyrically and sonically they feel a bit limiting to her talents. And that's no disregard against Kelly, cause like you said she always gave it 100 % even though she had to compromise because of RCA.
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  3. That tired old Sia sound tho. I'm saying this as a big Sia fan, can't they use her melodies and at least give it some interesting production and inspired lyrics???
  4. Invincible is rather enjoyable if you pretend it's from a Disney animated feature.
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  5. On the subject of her music feeling more hollow post-My December: Yeah, I definitely hear the arguments on that loud and clear. And yeah, Catch My Breath and Piece by Piece are little glimpses of that Kelly that I really hold dear and wonder if we might've gotten more of in an alternate universe, but I wouldn't dismiss Stronger at all. I don't listen to a song like Let Me Down and feel like she's holding back or doing her own version of This is Acting. Or a song like Breaking Your Own Heart or Standing in Front of You, for that matter. I think the My December version of Kelly just happened to mature very quickly and took on new songwriting themes that don't stand out as much as--or bear the emotional gut punch of--the angst of My December.

    Also, let's not forget she wrote quite a bit on Wrapped in Red and, for me personally, I actually felt more connected with those songs than I have any since My December. I don't think it's possible to listen to Wrapped in Red or Winter Dreams and not just hear in her voice the genuine euphoria she must've been feeling when she recorded that album. It's the total opposite end of the spectrum of My December, but it's Kelly through and through.
  6. This is something no song should need to be considered enjoyable.
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  7. Piece By Piece may have been underwhelming and unexciting, but I completely disagree that Stronger is was this total compromise that her heart wasn't in. It felt like a total Kelly album, just with the the pop sensibilities notably present. Mr. Know It All leading the campaign says it all. Not exactly instant or tailor made for radio. I also didn't particularly care for it at first, but Kelly sold it. I don't get Hookup/My Life Would Suck levels of hit-baiting from any of the singles, or I Want You/Ready levels of facelessness from anything else on the album.
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  8. I loved the whole vulnerable and low key aspect of the "Piece By Piece" album.

    Piece By Piece
    Let Your Tears Fall
    Good Goes The Bye
    In The Blue

    All gorgeous.
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  9. "Meaning Of Life" will be released as a promo single. I just don't know which of the two remaining fridays yet.
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  10. I'm a massive Kelly fan, but Mr Know It All screams "tailor made for radio". It sounds very similar to Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" which was released the year before and it stuck out like a sore thumb on the Stronger album.
  11. Again with the Someone shade. Matthew Koma crafted a beautiful melody on that one, it’s definitely a discography highlight for Kelly.
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  12. Someone is everything but a career highlight.
  13. Someone is gorgeous.
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  14. "Someone" feels a bit undercooked for me, at least. I think adding a bit of a subtle synth on the background would have helped it wonders. It feels a bit vacant.
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  15. Agree to disagree! I think in hindsight it is quite shocking Stronger was passed up for Mr. Know It All, lead single wise. Not to mention You Love Me, Let Me Down, and Alone sounding far more instant than Mr. Know It All.
  16. It's almost like pop music, electronic music, and rap music or the most-listened to genres in the US or something...
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  17. This is still amazing and essential for any Piece By Piece best of.

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  18. I hope so! It's my most anticipated track. It sounds like a gem, from the live snippet.
  19. She's had a good climb on iTunes today as well. Doesn't seem to be anywhere on Spotify, though.
  20. As a huge fan, I kind of just have trouble getting into her albums because I find her voice, vocals, instrumentation and personality all excel in a live setting. Going back to listen to older albums as well, they do all sound rather limp after I've become accustomed to hearing them live and alive.
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