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Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. So Kelly has said here -

    Her new album is going to be out Early 2014, they've already started picking the singles and it'll be out not long after the Christmas album.

    She'll also be doing the double single release same as Catch My Breath/Don't Rush.
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  2. Re: Kelly Clarkson - 6th Studio Album [Early 2014]

    Brackets in a thread title!

    *Head slams into laptop causing massive head trauma and memory loss resulting in Someboy assuming a new personality.*
  3. Re: Kelly Clarkson - 6th Studio Album [Early 2014]

    Well, at least we know it's not going to be all country. I'll be very surprised if they stick to that Q1 2014 timeframe, though.

    Perhaps Someboy is Columbo? THE PLOT THICKENS.
  4. I always look forward to a new album from Kelly.

    Hopefully nothing will leak from this one!

    Stronger was a great album but it was ruined a bit for me since I'd already heard half the songs through leaks.
  5. J1


    It's interesting they already have the first singles picked. I think that's a good time period to be honest - if she released it any sooner it would feel like Kelly overload. We have to endure People Like Us yet.
  6. The entire thing was ruined for me because of the leaks, because the finished versions ended up sounding ...too polished, even though they were brilliant? it was such a shame. I ruined it for myself!

  7. Kelly told a fan at a meet and greet 2 days ago that she's recorded the song that she tried to get Lady Gaga/Jessie J/Pink to sing on solo (since they were too scared) and it'll be on the next album but won't be a single.It's "uptempo, very 80s and a girl power song."
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Yeah this happened.
  9. My comment about them being too scared was a joke if that's what you're talking about!
  10. I'd imagine Jessie J would jump at the chance to feature on a Kelly song.
  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I feel bad that none of them replied. She doesn't usually hang out with the pop crowd anyway I guess. She said she also tried to record a duet with Bruno Mars but "either he's busy or he doesn't like me".

    And I'm kind of surprised they're already figuring out the singles. But then again, we were told early on that The War Is Over was the most likely contender for the 3rd single from Stronger.
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  12. To be honest, she's much better off without a duet or feature from any of the aforementioned artists.
  13. Most singers would surely?
  14. Gaga, Pink, and even Bruno Mars are in a much better spot to decline her offer. At least in the US, I can't imagine people even know that Jessie J released both Price Tag and Domino. Or are even aware of both songs.
  15. That's true but they're hardly the only successful artists around.
  16. This will get pushed back to mid/late 2014 mark my words! And as I type this it just hit me, giving a time frame in the thread title seems to just jinx things...stop it people.
  17. I was only going off the ones mentioned here.
  18. Ah I see, I'm not really sure I'd want Kelly to duet with any of the suggested ones anyway, besides Pink.
  19. If I were going to have Kelly do features/duets for her own album, I would honestly prefer someone outside of her specific pop/rock/country realm. But I'm good without any, to be honest.
  20. P!nk seems like such an obvious choice. I wouldn't mind a Bruno duet at all, that would be quite good. Or Florence. I could definitely get behind a Kelly and Florence duet.
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