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Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. This album is abysmal. Yikes. To think that I LOVED what she did on Stronger.
  2. Kelly cowrote 3 tracks? What has happened to that woman?
  3. She really is.

    It's too difficult to stan for her. Bring me the shredder.
  4. It's a great album. Most of these songs wouldn't sound out of place on 1989.
  5. The year, yes.
  6. I think the tracklist just needs rejigging around. It starts off with too many midtempos.
  7. "Lol"
  8. I've still not come round to looking at the hideous cover art, but there's some good songs on the album. It's just a shame she has to get so defensive on twitter. I really can't understand how you don't even know who's written the songs on your own album. Eek.
  9. Oh my God, Tokio Hotel are credited in Kelly's version's credits and she didn't even know it? Really?

    Oh my God.
  10. Well in fairness even they said her label didn't call them till a few weeks ago to clear it or whatever.
  11. Well... that sounds kinda logical though. Kelly recorded her version, the label called them, sent them the new version for their approval.

    She just can't be so out of it. Seriously, I love her but.. girl!
  12. Heartbeat Song - 7.5/10
    Invincible - 7/10
    Someone - 8/10
    Take You High - 8.5/10
    Piece by Piece - 7/10
    Run Run Run - 6.5/10
    I Had a Dream - 5/10
    Let Your Tears Fall - 8.5/10
    Tightrope - 7/10
    War Paint - 7/10
    Dance with Me - 9/10
    Nostalgic - 6.5/10
    Good Goes the Bye - 8/10
    Bad Reputation - 7/10
    In the Blue - 9/10
    Second Wind - 8/10
  13. I was kind of embarrassed for her listening to Second Wind and I don't actually know why. The lyrics just seemed dumb. Like trying too hard to fit into that metaphor.

    All the bonus tracks sound exactly like bonus tracks. Bad Reputation might be my least favorite Bonnie co-write ever.
  14. I don't trust anyone who thinks 'Nostalgic' is a low point on the album.
  15. "Nostalgic" is obviously a 1o/1o.
  16. If she really does think this is her best album then she's basically a lost cause. Pretty much every singer ever always says their new album is their best though, so I highly doubt she believes that for a second.
  17. Good Goes The Bye is now my favourite. Give me that break-up anthem that I love, Kels.
  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The overreactions are real. "Well actually I liked my last album better, but this one is good too". Who says that? She said All I Ever Wanted was her best album when it came out, then Stronger, then Wrapped In Red, and now this. And when she releases her country album seven years from now, she'll say that's her best.

    They're not credited. She got the song in 2013 and recorded it. Tokio Hotel got the song sometime later, recorded it, and put it out first. Except they didn't write on it at all, they changed a vocal arrangement or some shit and Beyoncéd their way into a writing credit. Some other singer who also got the demo in 2013 tweeted today and said the band's name weren't in the credits when he got the demo. They're evidently trying to get some publicity from this when in reality they just provided a fake receipt with that screenshot and they didn't write a word. I guess they're trying to pass it as "theirs" because they released it first even though Kelly recorded it first.

    She's stupid for not knowing the song was out there though. It's been out for half a year. It's embarrassing that her fans were able to piece together that whole story and she wasn't.
  19. You'd think she would have learned her lesson on due diligence after the Halo/Already Gone fiasco, but I guess that was expecting too much.
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  20. They aren't actually credited, they tweeted a screenshot of fake credits from a blog. The genuine album booklet doesn't mention them.
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