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Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. After a couple of days the album has clicked with me. Now that I've succumbed to the fact it's not a pop/rock album and there's nothing angry on it (where her best material has always been) I'm appreciating it for what it is - a great electro pop record with great production and incredible vocals. This is what happy Kelly sounds like. It's the most stylistically cohesive album she's done since Breakaway. Piece By Piece is one of the best songs she's written. So I'm down for it.
  2. Exactly. If anything, that interview proves that she has an investment in the songs themselves. The weird robotic thing in "Take You High" is clearly for style, not to autotune her like she discusses in that interview.
  3. "In The Blue" is kinda doing things to me today.
  4. My standouts are Someone, Take You High, Piece by Piece, Dance With Me, Good Goes The Bye and In The Blue. Skippable tracks are Run Run Run, Tightrope and Bad Reputation.
  5. Run run run is the worst song in there isn't it?
    And where the hell could she know that a German band had sung the song first? Should she google first any song they send her in case it is a cover? The writers or her producer should have done that.
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure why people are blaming her for that. First of all, if she isn't a fan of the band, how would she know they had already released the song? I mean, most of us don't follow the careers of people we're not interested in, so why would she? And second, isn't it her A&R's job to figure that shit out? I'd say she's guiltless in this situation.

    This situation shouldn't even be an issue, but it seems like Tokio Hotel are looking to take advantage of it to drum up some publicity for themselves. Unfortunately for them, no one outside their crazed fan base gives a damn.
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  7. Tightrope is so pretty and sad. Its the only song that has a sort of country influence without at all sounding country. Must be the way she sings it.

    I Had A Dream is probably the worst song on there. I feel like now that she's happy she's decided cliche ridden inspirational songs will be her forte instead of break up ballads. But Queen of Pop Kathyrn Hudson already has that ground covered.
  8. I had forgotten about I Had A Dream for my skippable tracks. I had no idea what she was singing the second half of the chorus either until I looked in the album booklet.
  9. It took me a few listens to accept the album for what it was, but now that I have i love it. Its very cohesive and really only one track I don't like (I Had A Dream). I'm still trying to figure out Tightrope. I'm so glad that the production of Good Goes The Bye and Kelly's vocals took that demo from something meh to one of the best songs on the album for me at least. Take You High is my favorite by far though. Solid album, I'm pleased.
  10. I've pre-ordered it on the strength of the title track alone.
  11. Piece By Piece is huge. I've been humming it all day. I didn't even like it all that much at first.
  12. Kelly's ad-libs really elevate the song. Yes, screech a bit.
  13. I guess Tightrope didn't turn out to be the Kylie cover I was hoping for?
  14. Played it back to back twice earlier today. Really like Good Goes The Bye, Bad Reputation, Dance With Me, and Let Your Tears Fall. Overall, I like the whole album.
  15. I'm assuming no. I don't really listen to Kylie, but its a ballad about knowing a relationship is inevitably going to end but you still stick around.
  16. Not the same "Tightrope," indeed. But I can absolutely hear Kelly covering Kylie's song!

    Album continues to get better with every listen. Still can't get enough of "Good Goes The Bye."
  17. So all in all, it's an enjoyable. It's not really breaking any new ground for Kelly and it's certainly not her best album by any means but it's acceptable and I'll use a few things off here for a few weeks yet. 'Piece By Piece' is just so beautiful in its craftmanship and sentiment and while I find the lyrics quite clunky at times, it's very much a form of catharsis, bringing true closure to the can of worms that 'Because Of You' opened all those years ago.

    'Someone', 'Nostalgic', 'Let Your Tears Fall' and 'In The Blue' will round off my Top 5 from this album though I don't think any bar PBP will be troubling my all-time Kelly faves but they're still use-and-abusable all the same. It's such a shame that dirge like 'I Had A Dream' and 'Tightrope' take up space on the standard edition when any of the bonus tracks could have taken their place and been more deserving of a regular album spot in doing so. Also, I feel like something has been lost in the final version of 'Good Goes The Bye.' The demo had a more ethereal, almost Imogen Heap quality to it that has now been buried beneath an avalanche of absurd over-production; the song worked as an acoustic singer-songwriter type affair girl, I thought you'd be into that?

    Anyway to round this thesis off, it's not what I wanted from Kelly after waiting all these years after Stronger, and I feel that this may truly be her last pure pop album (I see that country album you've got waiting in the wings sis) so it's a shame she couldn't have gone out with a proper bang. Still it's not the disaster I was fearing it was going to be so its not all doom and gloom for this Kellebrity, I just may have to be content with the back catalogue that she has already given to us, and boy what a great back catalogue that is.
  18. What I find funny is that she didn't record 'Black Hole' because "I was like... Wasn't that on a Lindsay Lohan record?!"

    She obviously stans for Lindsay!
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