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Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Merry Christmas (To the One I Used to Know) is really lovely. She is the best singer in the world. Its just facts. As I've made clear - I'm not in love with the decision to do this project. But if it means something to her than I support it.

    Also please put your cover of Happier Than Ever on your next album, Kelly. I listen to it multiple times a week still.
  2. The Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know) performance was absolutely stunning.
  3. The special is now available to stream on NBC and Peacock!

    Last night it drew 4.3 million viewers and a #3 rank for the night, which is really solid for a 10 PM timeslot and the fact that it was barely promoted.
  4. That performance is one of her finest moments ever and the triple of Because Of You, Piece By Piece (Idol Version) and This just a leaves me shattered.
  5. Some more videos (O Holy Night is especially stunning)

  6. It's a shame that "Underneath the Tree" essentially already does what "Santa Can't You Hear Me?" aims to do because the latter is so fun and chaotic, and I imagine both artists having a bigger signature Christmas song already means it'll be sidelined, but it has been getting slow traction due to increased playlisting.

    It could take just a single viral TikTok moment to help it boom.
  7. Thankfully, the beauty of Christmas singles is that they have a chance every year. Underneath the Tree has only gotten bigger each year since it came out (despite Kelly barely lifting a finger for it over the past several years), so I could totally see Santa Can't You Hear Me gaining at least some traction over the years too. It's a good problem to have though that they both have some classics in the making!
  8. This, honestly. I just don't think anyone is even coming close to her control and consistency. It's incredible.
  9. Do we know why she ignores Underneath the Tree? Is it because it was released with RCA and she makes more money off of the Atlantic Christmas songs?
  10. No, she doesn’t own the masters to anything on Atlantic either. She probably makes a lot of money from Underneath the Tree. She’s one of only two writers and it gets a ton of holiday airplay so her royalty checks have to be sizable. It would be in her interest to push it more than she does.
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  11. I honestly have wondered if it has had anything to do with label stuff; she's released a few new Christmas songs since she signed with Atlantic, and those are the ones she's mainly pushed over the past several years. Maybe they encouraged her to do more since they wanted their own Christmas smash with her? She did perform Underneath the Tree on TV the past two years so it's not like she totally ignores it, but I guess she just pushes the newer stuff.

    I'm not going to lie, I was pleasantly surprised she did it on the special last night, despite having a full new album of stuff to promote....that kinda tells me that maybe she does realize its potential. That said though, I can see why she maybe doesn't feel as excited about it right now given who she wrote it about (she even introduced the special after that performance saying "The holidays can be full of a lot of different emotions, I was definitely in a very different place when I wrote that last song").
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  12. This performance truly wrecked me. Excuse me while I play it on loop for the next 23 days.
  13. I’m no expert but the copyright on her all Atlantic releases is “Kelly Clarkson under exclusive license to Atlantic Recording Corporation.” I assumed that meant she owned them?
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  14. Wow this destroyed me at the end. She just makes us root for her when her vulnerabilities are expressed through her music like this. It's such a strange connection where you feel protective over her in these moments.
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  15. Hmm well maybe then. I just remember when Taylors mishegas with Big Machine started, Kelly made some comment about not caring about who owned her own masters.
  16. I really prefer this to Wrapped In Red. While that had the bangers, this is a proper Kelly record. The standards are all good but she really takes it home on the originals. Blessed is a time capsule from Thankful with an epic finale, Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know) is top tier Kelly ballad. Glow is a cute bop and that Ariana feature really falls into place after a couple listens.

    I like the Meaning Of Life style edgy vibe of Merry Christmas and Christmas Isn't Cancelled - and the whole vibe of the record is just Kelly. Plus Christmas Come Early is the sad-hopeful cheese we all need in this stupid pandemic.

    Good job really.
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  17. Why is Under The Mistletoe the biggest song from the album on spotify? It's smashing the Ariana track lol. Is there a reason? (Other than it being extremely good)
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  18. I feel like I need to give this another go. I listened to it a little while ago whilst cooking and it all felt very... dark? Maybe if it wasn't a Christmas album? But the reviews here have been so good I'll give this a spin today again.
  19. There’s only really one sad song on the whole album (and it’s by far the best thing on here).
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