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Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. I came to love every single original on this with Santa Can't You Hear Me slowly evolving into a massive bop to me. And yes Glow is strong. Merry Christmas is the standout but does not work as future standard in a way that it's too heavy. It fits perfectly on a depressed Christmas playlist with songs like Miss You Most At Christmas Time.

    And while she chose some standards that I am usually not the biggest fan of I think there is not a single stinker on this album.
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  2. I love the album but Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and Last Christmas are both skips for me.
  3. Underneath the Tree is #18 on the Hot 100 this week. Last year it peaked at #12. Probably not gonna be the year it gets into the top 10. She should promote it more. But this was always one of the stupid things about another Christmas album.
  4. Santa Baby and Last Christmas are particularly boring choices, though she does an excellent job on both. They are just both so overdone.
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  5. Santa Baby is so overdone but it's kind of hilarious and fun to hear such a big vocalist take it on. Those harmonies and runs she casually tosses out are gorgeous!
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  6. Speaking of it, that performance of 'Santa Baby' on her special was hilarious, she literally didn't move.
  7. It’s too late for them to push Santa, Can’t You Hear Me as a huge hit but I hope they do a music video for it and push it properly next Christmas.

    After another viral moment with that jukebox performance on Fallon, it would have been the perfect time to push it. Her team really need to get their shit together.
  8. They have the performance from the Christmas special so I'm guessing that would be used as the video if they bothered giving it a big push. But yeah, it took them over a week after the special aired to upload it to her YouTube. I feel like whoever her team are have no idea what they're doing.
  9. Shall we just take over and be her music management?
  10. I hadn't given this much of a chance outside of Christmas Isn't Cancelled. And I haven't been feeling very Christmassy so I've managed to avoid Christmas music but this album is kind of what I needed to hear right now. Christmas Come Early just destroyed me after a tough few weeks.

    I think it was such a clever idea to release a Christmas album that faces reality instead of being sickeningly happy which I can't stand most years anyway. Only Kelly could release something like this and it feels like it comes from the same place as her thought process for My December but with life experience and more wisdom behind it while using Christmas to let her anger out in a way that will go down easier with a wider audience. When she's inspired she really gives us the most.

    I just wish her team knew what they were doing. The promo for this could've been as clever as the songwriting and could've really made this a big deal.

  11. Can't wait for Kelly to beat Luke's ass in the parking lot one day.
  12. dlfjdlkshfk I love how firmly she's kept her heel pressed on his neck since like, 2007 at least. A vanguard
  13. I re-read her deposition for Kesha's case recently and was screaming. She dragged him in the most Kelly way possible.
  14. “That was my homework and I like, epically failed”

    A queen!
  15. Repost it!!! (please)
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  16. Q. Good morning, Ms. Clarkson. For the record, would you state and spell your name?
    A. Oh, this is going to be a test, okay. Kelly Clarkson -- Blackstock or Clarkson? Which one? Does it matter?
    Q. It doesn't matter.
    A. Because I'm married, it's weird.

  17. The way Luke's defenders spent YEARS trying to argue all of his actions on fan forums were lies or fan fiction only for Kelly to confirm it herself in the deposition will never not make me scream.
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