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Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Okay this is a serve.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm nervous any song can actually live up to that title, but here for it
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  3. Underneath the Tree is one of the finest Christmas songs ever made, never has a song been more joyous.

    Low-key excited for a Christmas divorce bop.
  4. Looking forward to hearing it.
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  5. She looks great and I will listen to the song but I deeply loathe the title.
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  6. The kii when you all were wanting a moody holiday song but what you'll get is a Meghan Trainor song with junior high kiss off lyrics.
  7. Jehovah's Witnesses eating good.
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  8. I hope the other visuals serve a bit of sass and sarcasm like I'm getting a tea from in that cover photo.

    For real, Kelly hasn't missed for me when it comes to Christmas music. She's got a knack for it.
  9. Not Kelly Brianne kicking off #BrandonBlackstockIsOverParty and making it festive
  10. The title of this is cringeworthy. Hopefully the song is good 'cos if she's doing this again I want proper classics or why bother? The last one was so good.

    Not sure I'm into the idea of the songs being placed "post-divorce" in her timeline rather than feeling timeless, like Christmas music should. Let's see.
  11. Adore the cover. She looks amazing. The title feels a bit cringe but I’ll wait to hear the actual song.
  12. Iconic title. Iconic art. I'm readeh.
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  13. DAS


    I hope that Under the Mistletoe, Christmas Eve and All I Want for Christmas is You are on the new album so they aren’t orphaned Christmas singles
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  14. Honestly, I'm very here for the idea of a moody, post-divorce themed Christmas album, so I'm hoping that's what this I ddd but the title is very sassy so maybe not.
  15. Bahahahahaha.

    That title alone. Whew.
  16. I’m here for the title but there’s something hilarious about it being released next week.
  17. I thought she was going to play her My December side safe this time with the kids involved but she’s really coming for him with that title. I’m so here for it. And as a Christmas song of all things.

    Is there anyone who’s not going to associate this title with her divorce?

    The title is also giving me the original 2008 title for Live Would Suck (Without You).
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  18. I'm not expecting her to go in or anything on this song dd but it will be fun to get a sassy festive bop born out of her feelings like this. I have a feeling she'll have some sadder songs on this album too, she wrote some great ones like Every Christmas on Wrapped In Red even when she wasn't actually going through that at the time.
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  19. Her hanging out with Ariana has already influenced that cover art I see!
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