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Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. A tiny part of me is sad because she already has a perfect Christmas album! I don't want her to dilute her perfect xmas discography

    Anyway! Let's get festive!! Let's get divorced ! wooo!
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  2. I'll Be Home For Christmas was a bonustrack for Wrapped in Red (that track released was prior way before the album, just like My Grown Up Christmas List). I need that latter song to be the next bonustrack. Thank you.
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  3. That album title is already a lot so if the rest of the album follows suit then I'll be one happy fan.
  4. I went to a taping of her show yesterday and got to do the Kellyoke request! I got my own green room next to LL Cool J and it's pretty amazing how her team treated me the exact same way they treated him - a testament to Kelly and the type of working environment she encourages!
  5. Whaaat that's awesome!! Excited to hear what you picked!
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  6. Sad to hear she treated LL Cool J like a member of the public!
  7. Ddd it's the song title not the album.
    That's amazing!!!
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  8. The album is rumored to have collabs with Ariana and Chris Stapleton, excited for both of these!
  9. Is this just becoming a Boring Pop Star right of passage now?
  10. Sis....come on dd. Chris has a phenomenal voice, I've honestly been hoping she'd sing with him since like 2015. Taylor has an upcoming collab with him too.
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  11. Justin Timberlake. Pink. Kelly Clarkson. Chris Stapleton collabs are looking like the new "I'm a mom now".
  12. Well I mean, she is! Regardless, he's one of the main male artists out there right now who I think is a perfect match for Kelly vocally.
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  13. Oh does Kelly have kids now!? I wish she would mention that more. She's really kept that low key.
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  14. I'm high-key super excited to hear Kelly and Chris Stapleton on a song together. She'd sound sublime on some of his recent material (You Should Probably Leave, Starting Over). I know that isn't the direction most people here want from her, but I'd love an album full of chill, twangy, Slow Dance-esque moments from her.
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  15. Related: I love Kelly and her bubbly personality, but has anyone else noticed how much she seems to have leaned into the folksy, Southern aspect of character as of late? Like, I know people change as they age, but even listening to her in 2021 vs, say, 2010-2014, she sounds like a completely different person. I'm not sure I'm *entirely* down with the transition.
  16. I think the reason we don’t have it is because 19 still owns the rights? I need it on streaming at least but hoping like you it’ll be a bonus and it gets put on vinyl, I can’t stand the Pentatonix-backed version she did for their album.
  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    We don't have to look any further than the demented song bracket she did for Buzzfeed, where she picked Heartbeat Song over Never Again, and Whole Lotta Woman over Sober. She's also ignored Never Again on the past 3/4 tours. I really think she's uncomfortable with that version of herself, which is fine because who doesn't cringe when they look back on themselves from 10 years ago?

    The thing is that I don't even care that she's leaned into the Facebook mom thing because that's just who she is now... but what makes it suck is that it happened at the expense of music, because becoming a Facebook mom also meant the talk show happening, plus The Voice, the kids books, Trolls World Tour, the Wayfair furniture collection (?!) etc. And now, of course our first album in four long years is going to be a Christmas one.
  18. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not all that worried about Kelly's musical output. There's an episode of CMT's Crossroads from like 14 years ago where she and Reba sit down and talk about their careers, and it's really illustrative of what Kelly has basically done: she's diversified her career, but grounded it in music. It'll always be the constant in what she does, and even if it's not the main focus right now, that doesn't mean it never will be again.

    Whether Reba's music ever returned to the level of quality she had pre-"Reba" the TV show and her Broadway stint is arguable, of course, but she's been pretty consistently putting out music, and I'm sure Kelly will do the same. She also won't always be in the "I'm a mom now, y'all!" phase of her life. Kids grow up. I'm opting to be patient.
  19. I think the talk show has boosted her fame back to a point where it's feasible for her to make music and have it be as successful as she wants, honestly. It's brought her back into the public eye at a level she hadn't been at since ... Breakaway, probably? And for as much as I hate The Voice, it does make a certain degree of sense for her career-wise to loop back to reality TV competitions, where she herself started.
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  20. Unfortunately though, visibility doesn't always equal success. Gwen Stefani was on tv every week and on the cover of every gossip rag in America during her stint on The Voice and the highest a single of hers peaked was #52. Granted, Kelly is a good 10 years younger than Gwen was and has had more consistent visibility in the music scene in general. But I wouldn't bank on Kelly's increased level of fame helping out her music. Particularly, if its only major source of promo is The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Voice, and Hot AC radio. Remember Atlantic didn't bother at all with the singles from Meaning of Life. Kelly promo'd her ass off, but I Don't Think About You did not get promoted to pop radio and it got no playlist support on Spotify. Kelly's career as a commercially viable pop star is probably dead. Which was always going to happen cuz she's a woman over 35. But some of her career choices over the last few years sped the process up, in my opinion.
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