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Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. I assume Glow is the (awful) Brett Eldredge song, since she also worked with him.
  2. To a lot of people in America, big band and Christmas music go hand-in-hand. The cover makes sense in that light.
  3. At the very least there should maybe be a Christmas tree or something behind her.
  4. I'd say it was deliberate to sell it to non Christians but then there's the title so who knows.

    La tortura.mp3
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  5. Yea, it's not like we needed to see her sitting on Santa's lap, but some hint that the album is Christmas-related would have been nice. It feels like a super weird creative choice to keep it so... bare.
  6. I think most Christmas album covers are tacky so I'm very OK with this ...
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  7. I think the cover is fiiiiiine. I'd prefer it over something overly seasonal. Wrapped In Red was definitely better.
  8. Would’ve liked it to be more festive but I do like that it’s different enough from Wrapped In Red to stand apart.
  9. Ok, I actually love it? The Winter's Dream and Underneath The Train lines... she said fuck Brandon! Wonder if she's revealing he wasn't faithful :eyesemoji:

    I know it's a holiday song but I think the lyrics are actually great. Stan goggles tightened.

  10. Terrible cover. Also absolutely no one needs another version of Last Christmas.
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  11. Okay, I love it! Those lyrics are great and a more unique take on Christmas songs. I could see this being a hit, eventually.
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  12. I'm definitely all about twinkling lights wrapped around some boobs because that's just how festive I am, but I think the cover is cute.
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  13. It's not bad at all. I do think it's a bit throwaway.
  14. That cover is giving cruise ship singer… song is a bitter bop though.
  15. Wait.... She calls out every Wrapped in Red original title. I love a spiteful queen.
  16. The song is great!

    Where is the pre-order? Please tell me she’s not just releasing digitally!
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  17. Loving the song and all the references to the Wrapped in Red songs. A nice addition to her Christmas catalog.
  18. Wait it's there? I actually quickly checked the tracklist and went 'at least Last Christmas isn't there'.
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  19. I like the new song, tbh I like anything Kelly does! I can’t quite vibe with the song yet because it feels too early to get into the xmas mood. But I’m looking forward to the album for sure.
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  20. I was skeptic about it at first, but I love everything about it. the song is great and the lyric video is so fun and well made. love it.
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