Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)


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Kelly Clarkson's Montana home is officially hers — at least, in the eyes of the law.

A judge has ruled that the ranch belongs to Clarkson, despite arguments from the singer's ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Oct. 1 and obtained by PEOPLE Monday.

Blackstock, who is currently living at the ranch, claimed the home was "marital property" — but according to the judge, the residence falls within the former couple's prenup, and since Clarkson, 39, bought it with her own money, it's hers.

Blackstock, 44, had reportedly contested the prenup, arguing that any income earned during the seven years he and Clarkson were married should be split between the two.

The court found after virtual hearings held in June and July that the Montana ranch and two other properties in the state "acquired during the marriage ... are subject to the terms of the Premarital Agreement."

"The Court further finds that the Montana Ranch and the other two Montana properties are not titled in both of the Parties' names either as joint tenants with right of survivorship or as tenants by the entireties, as required under the PMA to create marital property," the documents state. "The Court therefore rejects Respondent's [Blackstock's] position that the Montana Ranch and other Montana properties are marital property owned 50/50 by the Parties."
Okay first listen done. Wrapped in Red is better. Might be weird playing this at Christmas if anyone listens to the lyrics.

Blessed is incredible.