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Kelly Clarkson - When Christmas Comes Around (2nd Holiday Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. This is great. It doesn’t have the gloss or the highs of Wrapped in Red but queen definitely delivered.
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  2. The way my heart broke for her listening to the lyrics.
  3. She sounds incredible on this. Definitely will make the holiday season a little brighter. Not as good as Wrapped In Red, but if you combine the best of both you get a festive-as-fuck playlist.
  4. THIS is the new classic yup. And the song with the man
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  5. Just finished listening, fantastic album. Unsurprisingly, her voice sounds phenomenal on it. It's doesn't reach the highs of Wrapped In Red (which is an extremely hard album to top), but it's almost as good. It's definitely more emotionally intense and personal.

    The original material really is so personal, and a full spectrum of emotions....some sass, some drags, some really sad moments ("Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know)"), and I love the sentiment of "Blessed" as one of the last songs on the album.

    I also love Christmas Come Early, it's a more relatable sad song.

    I honestly think the two collabs might be my favorites, they're both just full on vocal fests. Chris and Ariana are probably the best collaborators she's had thus far tbh!
  6. These original songs just make me want the new album that much more.

    I can't decide what I think of the Ariana collaboration. They definitely understood what we want from a collaboration between them--read: lots of vocal flexing--but it sometimes just descends into a bit of a racket.
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  7. This should have been the artwork tbh:
  8. DAS


    I’m excited to listen to this, I find October a bit too soon to listen to Christmas music so in a few weeks, after the clocks change, and when it’s more winter-y/Christmas-y I look forward to hopefully having this on repeat alongside Wrapped in Red
  9. Once a year, I let my heart go back to you and me
    A secret gift I give myself
    On Christmas Eve
    If I could feel a memory instead of turn back time
    I know that the past is all that's left of you and I

    You aren't the one I'm missing
    No, he left long ago
    But Christmas Eve, my gift to me is
    Dancing with your ghost, so merry Christmas

    Oh Kelly you still know how to do it. The irony of this just being followed by Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree which almost feels cynical after it. Which may have been intentional, just her singing away the sadness at full force, knowing it will still be there.

    You will get a sentimental feeling…


    Edit: The more I listen the more I absolutely love this. The mix between absolute classics and sneaky to completely emotionally challenged Kelly songs makes for such a rollercoaster listen. So many lyrics are exactly what I love her for. Plus Blessed really is A Moment Like This Xmas Version.

    It is obviously too early - as Mariah would say: #notyet - but I see this becoming bigger than Wrapped for me. And it really feels like a Kelly album more than a Christmas album. It’s her break-up record that’s just Christmas themed. I almost wonder if she chose this route to avoid having a complete break-up record.

    Whenever she doesn’t feel like singing the sad songs this promotional season she can just do Last Christmas (which is also grossly fitting by the way) and call it a day without emotional havoc. Also she wouldn’t have to sing all the new break-up songs all year on lol tour lol.

    It is really showing that she still is a passionate and gifted songwriter and artist by heart. I really appreciate her going a bit My December on what could have been a All I Ever Wanted Santa Edition for the talkshow audience and the label.
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  10. Merry Christmas (to the one I Used to Know) is very House is not a Home.

    Her voice is just bonkers.
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  11. I kinda feel like this and the Meaning of Life artwork look less like her than when they went overboard with the photoshop in the All I Ever Wanted era.
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  12. I had the exact same thought when my copy arrived today.
    Holding off from listening because my Lego isn't here yet *cry* but seeing some of my favourite Christmas songs on this is making the wait painful. Kelly doing Last Christmas and Rocking Around The Christmas Tree?

    Till then, I'll blast the Brett duet on repeat.
  13. The dildo comments at the end, I'm screaming
  14. Been going back to Wrapped In Red lately (my Lego STILL NOT HERE) and I wish she had done more traditional carol songs. I'd love for her to tackle God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, O Come All Ye Faithful or O Holy Night. Much as I adore her takes on commercial Crimbo songs, she has the perfect voice for those.
  15. She has done O Holy Night a couple of times!

    In 2003:

    And in 2017, different instrumental but I love her vocal on it more:
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  16. Nothing new or surprising to report - but Merry Christmas (To The One I Used to Know) is so fucking beautiful.

    One of the best thing she's done (and that's a high bar)
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Ugh her christmas albums really are as solid (if not better) than some of her regular ones. Everything about the production and vocals is just exactly how christmas is supposed to sound
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  18. I thought Blessed sounded cringey as fuck from snippet they posted but Jesus, what a song.
  19. It is Thankful (Christmas Version) basically. It's fantastic.
  20. It also reminds me a bit of It's Quiet Uptown sonically. Really great song!
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