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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Tangled_Up

    Tangled_Up Guest

    Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (Rock Da Radio Mix)

    I remember absolutely loving this song whenever it came on my local radio, but it was never actually released, and I was wondering whether someone could point me to a place where I could hear it again.

    Thanks very much.
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  2. Gil

    Gil Guest

    Hey! This is suppose to be a music site, right? So where the hell is Kelly Clarkson?!?!?!?!
  3. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Busy performing for the Pope, touring Europe, and recording a new album!
  4. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Is it true she's gone country?
  5. No, from the reports i've heard she wants to go back to "pure pop" for her next album. Which as much as I love December, I think is a wise move.
  6. Oh lord no, well I hope not cos I can't stand country but I love Kelly.

    My December was not bad at all, very angry & different but good none the less.

    Hope Clive Davis gives her the support tho with album #4!
  7. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    I'm almost certain I read that she wanted to go down a more country route with her next album, and I believe she is now managed by the same people who are in charge of Reba McEntire, so that may be an indication.
  8. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    As long as it's more Shania Twain than Carrie Underwood. She probably wants to play it safe and win back her homebase before venturing out and trying to work on her worldwide recognition again.

    "My December" was damaging. I don't know if people (general public NOT fans) outside the U.S. will give a damn two years down the road. "Breakaway" seems like an eternity ago...

    Will there be any new stuff before 2009?
  9. Kelly ("The Goddess") should ABSOLUTELY do a Shania and release a 2 disc set, with one being pop and the other country versions.
  10. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I think that would really work; she is managed by Reba's husband, Narvel, and has already had a country remix of one of her biggest pop singles hit #2 on the country chart.

    She said she wanted to go country back last year, but she is working with the likes of Ryan Tedder on this new album (due for release later this year), on songs that hark back to 90's Garbage apparently. Clive Davis won't be a problem this time apparently, even if he doesn't like it, as he's been 'internally moved' (i.e: relegated) and replaced by Barry Weiss (of Jive Records fame).
  11. Awesome.

    Doubly awesome.
  12. Clive wasn't the problem with My December.
  13. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    That's funny.

    I always thought that the New Wave of Max Martin Power-Pop must have been inspired by "Version 2.0". Catchy Gems with exploding choruses like "When I Grow Up" were definitely spiritual precursors to "Since U Been Gone".
  14. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Love it or hate it, I think far worse albums have done better, and been promoted longer... the album got generally decent reviews (MetaCritic give it 64, based on 15 or so of the major USA and UK reviews), but it was obvious the record company weren't behind the project from the start, hence the torrent of negativity that surrounded it, thanks to Clive (and maybe in part by her former manager, who was clearly actively involved in fighting for her, 'coercing' the label into releasing the record as she wanted).

    All things considered, it sold 1.6million worldwide on the back of one whole single, with a promotional campaign that stretched to three countries, two being next to each other ("One Minute" being released in Australia, as the SonyBMG division there were so pissed at how the US label were treating a hit artist, and "Don't Waste Your Time" being filmed months too late, and pretty much being funded by Kelly and her management, after being mucked around by the label for so long over getting a second single out there). It's no wonder that she was considering trying to buy herself out of her RCA/SonyBMG contract, really.
  15. As true as this may all be, My December was still undeniably a let down for the masses after Breakaway and I don't think any huge amounts of promotion could have changed that. Some people wanted Breakaway Part 2 (personally I didn't), but I think most people would have just been happy with an album that was radio friendly.

    So long as her next album is a return to form, all is forgiven. As for Clive being moved, I feel that is actually a shame.
  16. When My December was released, I was extremly decieved, but now I prefer it at least ten times to Breakaway. I hope her next album won't be a step back...
  17. It's not a shame at all. Whatever you think of the album - I'm the first to admit I wasn't crazy about it - his comments before the album's release caused a deluge of negative publicity, all but killing off the album campaign before it had begun. Someone in his position - and with his experience in the industry - should know better. I'm not surprised he was moved - the shareholders must have been calling for his head on a plate. Would you expect someone in a senior position at Procter and Gamble to get away with slagging off Ariel? Why should the same rules not apply in the music industry?
  18. Clive said it best when he commented that Kelly was signed as a "singer", and "not a singer-songwriter".

    The example of Ariel washing powder and Procter & Gamble is a bit flawed really. Ariel aren't obviously going to want to put out a washing powder than doesn't have mass market appeal. And if they were going to bring out a niche washing powder, Ariel wouldn't argued for it to replace the mainstream product which does obviously sell.

    Kelly Clarkson, as a winner of American Idol no less, was "not signed as a singer-songwriter" as Clive put it himself. She was "signed as a singer". If she was an extremely talented songwriter who could churn out a few radio friendly singles for the masses, then they'd probably have been happy for the project to go ahead. Fact of the matter is, the material she came up with wasn't good enough but she was too stubborn to compromise and put a few mainstream tracks on the album. Although, to be fair, I don't blame her for being offended about being asked to cover a LiLo song.
  19. Admittedly it wasn't the strongest analogy, but we can surely agree that once Ariel had decided to put out a washing powder, they would be committed to its success and therefore take a pretty dim view of anyone senior at the company who attracted negative publicity to its launch. Does that explain it better?

    Also - if Clive Davis' bright idea was for Kelly to release a Lindsay Lohan cover of all things, I'm nowhere near convinced things would have turned out for the better had he got his way.
  20. Yes. To be honest, I was being pedantic because I found the analogy so very random. I understood when I posted my last reply what you were getting at, BUT, I can't help but feel that the My December release only went ahead to teach Kelly a lesson. And that includes the comments Clive made. Not the most professional, but in the long-run it may pay off if the next album is a roaring success.

    Well, that depends on the song really. I can't remember the name of the LiLo song, but conversly there were other tracks too that weren't covers.
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