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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Rob


    Ok but Santa Can't You Hear Me is an incredible Christmas song and could be huge with the right push.
  2. Not my favourite SWV song...

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  3. One of her finest really. And not just Christmas.
  4. Has anyone who ordered the Gold When Christmas Comes Around vinyl received it? Mine came but it was just the standard black.
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  5. Same here!
    I just knew it would be delivered wrong after I had to email them saying that it hadn't been dispatched yet. I've emailed them to send out another one, but I have limited doubts, as the gold vinyl is now not even on the store... Fingers crossed
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  6. Whew, a slay. She used to do this on the Stronger Tour but this is probably the best she's done it.
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  7. It’s been five years and I’m still upset Would You Call That Love wasn’t a single.
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  8. Let's go Underneath the Tree! Top 10 is yours this year! Continue to be the little engine that could because your creator ain't doing shit to help you!
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  9. She should release a Christmas EP with Underneath The Tree, Santa Can't You Hear Me, Wrapped in Red, Christmas Isn't Cancelled and one or two others from her previous Christmas albums. Am I crazy in thinking that?
  10. That'd be completed since the Wrapped in Red songs were released under RCA. She’s never confirmed it, but we suspect that she doesn’t push Underneath the Tree as hard as the Atlantic Xmas stuff because of this.
  11. She is one of only 2 writers on Underneath the Tree. She still stands to make a lot of money from it. She still gets paid regardless of the label switch. If thats the reason she's only hurting herself. She sees a check every time it gets played on radio in the holiday season. She sees a check for every sale it makes on iTunes. She sees a (much smaller) check for every stream. It is in her best interest to keep it alive.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's also extremely hard for original Christmas songs to catch on yearly, if at all. Underneath the Tree is one of the very, very few that has managed to re-peak in popularity each year. So many artists try and can't do it, and Kelly actually did it.

    That's why I find the whole situation so frustrating. Instead of pushing it further and properly cementing its status as a new holiday classic (and getting another Top 10 in the process), she pushes fifteen other songs instead, songs that do not and will never have 1/10th of the popularity that Underneath the Tree currently has. I didn't need any more reasons to hate her move to Atlantic but I guess I have another one now!

    Anyway I promise I'll shut up about this if it manages to hit the Top 10 this year.
  13. Underneath the Tree is thee best original Christmas song this side of All I Want For Christmas Is You, so all I can do is pray that one day Kelly wakes up and realizes that and gives it the respect it deserves.
  14. She did thankfully perform it on TV twice last year. But yeah, I guess she doesn't care too much to push it to its full potential and doesn't have a label pushing her to do it (I wish she did care more though).
  15. There’s no doubt that they’re focus this year is going to be on When Christmas Comes Around and there’s no way Kelly’s going to promote/push a single that would to an extent hamper the success of one from her “current” Christmas album.

    I’m really hoping that 2023 will see her transition into more of a ‘legacy’ act and part of that could be to push Underneath the Tree again for Wrapped In Red’s 10th anniversary.

    That said I think if Santa Can’t You Hear Me shows signs of taking off this year we could end up a bit stuck where her current label don’t want her to let that lose steam, we’ll have to see what happens…
  16. She could just re-record them
  17. Maybe there’s a reason for her not wanting to outside of RCA. Maybe it’s just too connected to her ex?
  18. This has occurred to me, too. I think it's a mix of reasons, if we're being honest. Wanting to promote the newer album, being on a different label now, the connection to Brandon, etc.

    I mean, one song on Wrapped in Red is literally titled "Brandon's Song," so I wouldn't blame her if performing some of the original songs from that album hits different (#StreamMidnights).
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