Kelly Clarkson

"Since U Been Gone" turns 18 today! Listen to the reimagined version as a bonus track on the Original Broadway Cast Recording of & Juliet with Kelly and Lorna Courtney, produced by Max Martin.

A really nice, modern re-work and their vocals shine together.
I originally thought the re-recording was in the original key but it’s actually the key she sings it live in. But her vocal made me think otherwise.

I don’t like the verses on the re-record - maybe that’s the key being too low. But she still sells the shit out of the chorus and then blows it out of the water for the middle 8. The middle 8 actually sounds better than the original.

Is it weird that I kinda love 2004’s compressed/distorted pop rock guitars across Kelly/Ashlee/Hilary/Avril’s albums? This re-record sounds cleaner but the distortion on the original just sounds heavier and makes it feel more rock (for a pop song).


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Underneath the Tree is the only Christmas song from the 21st century to chart on the Hot 100 this week, re-entering at #48.